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STUDY CLAIM: Mice with muscular dystrophy fed .01 or .05 per cent Sunphenon DCF/day (comparable to seven cups green tea/day in humans) for four weeks showed improved muscle health as a result of reduced or delayed necrosis via an antioxidant mechanism.

PUBLISHED: Buetler TM, et al. Green tea extract decreases muscle necrosis in mdx mice and protects against reactive oxygen species. Am J Clin Nutr 2002 Apr;75(4):749-53.

ABSTRACT: Muscular dystrophy is a severe congenital disorder characterised by lethal muscle wasting and caused by the absence of structural protein dystrophin. Because the generation of reactive oxygen species appears to play a role in the pathogenesis of the disease, researchers tested .01 or .05 Sunphenon DCF (caffeine-free green tea catechins) on mice with muscular dystrophy from birth for four weeks to determine if it could improve muscle health. They discovered significant, dose-dependent reduced cell death in the fast-twitch muscle elongator digitorum longus, with no effect on the slow-twitch soleus muscle. It also reduced free radical stress, leading researchers to believe Sunphenon DCF may improve muscle health by reducing or delaying necrosis via an antioxidant mechanism.

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Sunphenon DCF is an antioxidant and antimicrobial agent suitable for tablets, capsules and functional foods.

MORE INFO: Taiyo Int'l Inc
Tel: +1 952 832 5273, www.taiyokagaku.com

STUDY CLAIM: Taking 1,000mg/day Ester-C may help prevent the number of winter colds and reduce the severity of symptoms during an infection.

PUBLISHED: Van Straten M, Josling P. Preventing the common cold with a vitamin C supplement: A double-blind, placebo-controlled survey. Adv Ther 2002 May/June; 19(3):151-9.

ABSTRACT: Researchers at the Herbal Health Centre, UK, gave 168 subjects 500mg Ester-C ascorbate or placebo twice/day for 60 days, November through February. The Ester-C group had fewer colds (37 vs. 50 in the placebo group) and, when infected, experienced a shorter duration of severe symptoms and recovered faster than the placebo group. They experienced few side effects (four per cent had indigestion) and reported that they felt more satisfied with this form of vitamin C than with others. Researchers concluded that Ester-C might help prevent the common cold and shorten the duration of symptoms (1.8 days vs. 3.1 in the placebo group).

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Ester C can be used in tablets, capsules and liquids and functional foods.

MORE INFO: Inter-Cal Nutraceuticals
Tel: +1 928 445 8063, www.esterc.com


Twenty-two asthma patients who took 1mg/lb/day Pycnogenol for eight weeks showed improvement in severity of symptoms.

PUBLISHED: Hosseini S, et al. Pycnogenol in the management of asthma. J Med Food 2001;4(4):201-9.

ABSTRACT: Asthma is characterised by chronic inflammation. Researchers at the University of Arizona tested Pycnogenol, a bioflavonoid mixture extract from a French maritime pine tree (Pinus maritime), which is known to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In this double-blind crossover study, researchers gave 26 patients (19 completed the study) with varying asthma severity 1mg/lb/day (maximum 200mg/day) Pycnogenol for four weeks, crossing over to the alternate regimen for the remaining four weeks.

The differences regarding asthma symptom scores between the Pycnogenol and placebo groups were significant. As a secondary efficacy variable, leukotriene levels were significantly lower in the Pycnogenol group, suggesting an inflammation-mediating effect. Researchers observed no adverse effects and nearly all patients responded favourably to Pycnogenol. The researchers concluded that Pycnogenol may be a valuable nutraceutical in managing asthma and that more research is warranted.

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Pycnogenol can be used both internally and externally for diseases ranging from chronic inflammation to circulatory dysfunction and diabetic retinopathy.

MORE INFO: Natural Health Science
Tel: +1 877 369 9934, www.pycnogenol.com

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