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STUDY CLAIM: Lyc-O-Mato suppressed hepatic fibrogenesis in rats by reducing lipid peroxides.

PUBLISHED: Kitade Y, et al. Inhibition of liver fibrosis in LEC rats by a carotenoid, lycopene, or an herbal medicine, Sho-saiko-to. Hepatol Res 2002 Mar;22(3):196-205.

ABSTRACT: Researchers at Kagawa Medical University, Japan, used Lyc-O-Mato lycopene on rats to assess its benefit in preventing hepatic fibrogenesis. They divided the rats into three groups: Group A, consisting of 40 rats, were fed a basal diet (BD); Group B, of 25 rats, were fed BD plus one per cent Sho-saiko-to herbal formula; and Group C, of 40 rats, were fed BD plus 0.005 per cent Lyc-O-Mato. Animals were sacrificed at 76 weeks. The researchers stained liver tissues with Azan Mallory and with alpha-smooth-muscle actin (alpha-SMA) and measured malondialdehyde (MDA) in the liver for lipoperoxides. The percentage of the total area involved by fibrosis was 1.35 ±0.56 in group A, 0.72 ±0.34 in B and 0.78 ±0.75 in C. The percentage of the total area that was stained for alpha-SMA was 0.61 ±0.57 in group A, 0.11 ±0.05 in B and 0.12 ±0.06 in C. MDA in the liver was lower in group B than in group C. Iron in the liver was lower in C than in A.

Researchers concluded that Sho-saiko-to and lycopene suppressed fibrogenesis by reducing lipid peroxides and inhibiting stellate cell activity.

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Lyc-O-Mato can be added to capsules, softgels, tablets and powdered drinks for liver, prostate, lung and heart health.

MORE INFO: LycoRed Natural Products
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STUDY CLAIM: Many probiotic products may be incorrectly labeled and not well documented regarding safety and functionality.

PUBLISHED: Temmerman R, et al. Identification and antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial isolates from probiotic products. Int J Food Microbiol 2003 Feb 25;81(1):1-10.

ABSTRACT: Reseachers evaluated 55 European probiotic products with regard to the identity and the antibiotic resistance of the bacterial isolates. Bacterial isolation from 30 dried food supplements and 25 dairy products yielded 268 bacterial isolates. Counts of food supplements showed bacterial recovery in 19 (63 per cent) of the dried food supplements ranging from 103 to 106 CFU/g, whereas all dairy products yielded growth in the range of 105 to 109 CFU/mL.

Mislabeling was noted in 47 per cent of the food supplements and 40 per cent of the dairy products. In six food supplements, Enterococcus faecium was isolated, whereas only two of the products tested claim this species on the labels. Overall, 68.4 per cent of the isolates showed resistance against multiple antibiotics, including intrinsic resistances.

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: L Reuteri is marketed for gastrointestinal disorders, allergies and balancing intestinal flora. It can be added to drinking straws, tablets, capsules, powder, infant formulas and functional foods.

Tel: +46 8555 29300

STUDY CLAIM: Prostate cancer cell death among 20 patients was five times higher using Trinovin compared with 18 patients who received no treatment.

PUBLISHED: Renea A, et al. Induction of apoptosis in low to moderate-grade human prostate carcinoma by red clover-derived dietary isoflavones. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2002 Dec;11:1689-96.

ABSTRACT: Researchers gave 20 patients (mean age 60.5) with prostate cancer 160mg/day Trinovin, which contains 40mg standardized red clover (Trifolium pratense) and the isoflavones biochanin, genistein, formononetin and daidzein, for one to eight weeks prior to prostate surgery. They compared the results with archival data of 18 prostate cancer patients who received no treatment. Before and after treatment, investigators measured serum prostate specific antigen, Gleason score, serum testosterone, incidence of cancer cell death and excreted isoflavone levels.

They counted an average of 2,500 cells for each patient. The incidence of cancer cell death averaged five times higher in the Trinovin-treated patients compared with archival data. No adverse incidents were reported in the treatment group. Researchers noted that the positive results indicate that the potential role of dietary isoflavones in chemoprevention of prostate cancer requires additional investigation.

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Trinovin is a supplement formulated to help maintain normal prostate and urinary function in men, particularly those over age 45.

MORE INFO: Novogen
Tel: +612 9878 0088

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