and Darron Watts of Sidley, Austin, Brown & Wood to Present Briefing on Supplement GMP's

April 24 Briefing on GMPs for Dietary Supplements Proposed FDA Regs May Require Industry to Install Dedicated Compliance Programs

FDA's long awaited proposed regs on dietary supplement GMPs may be a challenge for small businesses, contractors, and foreign suppliers, raising the bar on suppliers and private label manufacturers.

Daron Watts of Sidley, Austin, Brown & Wood, will expound on these observations during an hour long ExpertBriefing to be held April 24 from 2:00 until 3:00pm Eastern time.

According to Watts, the final regulations will change in-process testing methods and documentation consistency. Non-compliance penalties could be severe. Major players also need to know how the new FDA rules will impact their business.

Participants in this specially designed audio conference will learn:
* Who is affected by the GMPs for dietary supplements
* How assay methods may be changed
* What will be the impact on small businesses
* Likely consequences of non-compliance
* What issues are still unresolved

This briefing is available from your office by dialing into a toll free phone number. In addition, particpants will receive a specially prepared slide presentation in hard copy or electronically.

For more information, go to or call 703/779-8777.

Expert Briefings.Com is a subsidiary of Washington Information Source Co. WIS publishes Warning Letter Bulletin, Validation Times, Inspection Monitor and BioResearch Monitoring Alert. WIS also provides documents, books and compliance manuals through its RECORD-RETRIEVE Service.

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