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Explore The Asian Nutraceuticals Frontier At Expo

With experts anticipating that Asia will become the world's fastest growing herbal, nutraceutical and organic market in the next five years, attendees at the first Natural Products Expo Asia will have a unique opportunity to build important new relationships and conduct on-site business.

"Companies in Asia already provide many of the raw materials that go into natural products in the West, and there is huge spending power here," says David Murphy, Commercial Consul, US Consulate General of Hong Kong. "There is no doubt in my mind that companies participating at Natural Products Expo Asia 2002 will walk away with new business from this event."

Expo Asia will present the first large-scale international traditional Chinese medicine exhibition, making it possible for participants to view modern Western and traditional Asian products side by side.

Custom Conference Curriculum
New Hope Natural Media has created a comprehensive conference system called New Hope University, enabling participants to select the educational sessions most relevant to their specific interests.

The conference tracks will offer valuable insights on consumer trends, regulatory issues, trade flows and emerging products. The curriculum emphasises:

  • China, World Trade Organization(WTO) and the natural products sector
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Asia's organic industry
  • Global regulations
  • New business opportunities
  • Dietary supplements and vitamins
  • Packaging

Seminar Highlights
China, WTO and Natural Products: Production
Learn how to source raw materials from China, with a focus on quality and distribution issues.

Dietary Regulations and Requirements in Asia to 2010
Asia's food and dietary supplements regulations are changing. Learn how health conditions and policy issues are driving current and future regulations.

China, WTO and Natural Products: Regulation
A "must-see" session for all manufacturers breaking into the Chinese market. Topics will include regulatory hurdles and labeling requirements, as well as regional variations regarding safety issues and disclosure statements.

Japan's State-Funded Health Care System
The Japanese government supports natural products in the health care system. Learn which products are eligible, what's required for eligibility, and how the government-practitioner relationship works.

China, WTO and Natural Products: Import Hurdles
Explore the business opportunities available now that China has entered the WTO—from regulations to implementation.

China, WTO and Natural Products: Taiwan
Gain a unique perspective on how Taiwanese companies are breaking into the Chinese market.

Expo Asia Conference Info:
When: May 15-18, 2002
Where: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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