Expo Europe Preview

June 12­13, RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, www.expoeurope.com

Branding, Phytonutrients And Patents Featured
Successful brand building in the increasingly competitive functional foods market is just one hot topic to be explored and debated by an expert panel at the special three-hour 'Nutracon Europe' forum at this year's Natural Products Expo Europe in Amsterdam.

International market analysts Frost and Sullivan will discuss findings on the state of the European phytonutrients market. Major food and beverage manufacturers operating in this sector are being forced to change the way they do business as cheap imports, synthetic substitutes and new extraction practices drive prices down. Could healthier profit margins lie in customer relations and select marketing campaigns in an environment where health claims have difficutly passing regulatory muster?

Also, discover how to safeguard your scientific advantage. Do your patents protect your supposedly unique nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional foods products? A US-based patents expert will untangle the issues and answer questions on this intriguing and potentially hazardous topic.

Highlights from the Expo Europe Education Programme
Nutracon Europe
Presented by Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals and New Nutrition Business

Functional Foods Marketing—How to Create a Successful Brand
This session will give delegates the tools to apply directly to their own businesses in order to create successful brands including:

  • How to make money with a radical political yoghurt

  • The seven strategies of life-and-death marketing

  • The four factors for success

  • Case studies — Danone Actimel, Yakult, General Mills, Red Bull, Tropicana, Pro Viva

    Julian Mellentin, Editor, New Nutrition Business, Director, The Centre for Food & Health Studies
    Peter Wennstrom, Brand Consultant, Wennstrom Integrated, Sweden
    Ian Wilson, Actimel Acceleration Unit, Danone, France

Protecting Science—Maintain Your Competitive Edge
Is a natural product patent possible and how can data piracy be prevented? This session will profile the five layers of intellectual property that can be applied to dietary supplements, foods/beverages and cosmeceuticals, starting with trade secrets and ending with product-specific science. Hear strategies, tactics and case studies.

Anthony L. Almada, MSc
Founder, President and CSO
IMAGINutrition, USA

Exploiting the Market Potential for Phytonutrient Ingredients
Carotenoids, flavonoids, isoflavones and phytosterols are increasingly being used for their therapeutic function in nutraceuticals and cosmetics. This presentation will discuss the increasingly competitive ingredients market and highlight European trends by product type and application.
Anna Ibbotson, Programme Manager, Frost & Sullivan

Key Developments in the European Soya Market
Presented in association with the Soya Protein Association As the soya foods market moves from niche to mainstream, this session explores the latest product trends and examines how consumer awareness of soya's health benefits can be broadened.
Dominic Dyer, Executive Director, Soya Protein Assoc.;
Elphee Medici, Head of Health & Nutrition, Alpro, Belgium;
Francoise Pestrelzof, Director, Industry Management Food Europe, Protein Technologies International, France

The Science Behind Organic Food Quality
Presented by the Soil Association and IFOAM Hear about the latest scientific research demonstrating the nutritional advantages of organic ingredients. Shane Heaton, Clinical Nutritionist, BBus DipION

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