ExtendSnacks 2010 Blood Sugar Management Initiatives

ExtendSnacks announces its 2010 initiatives to significantly raise awareness of the importance of blood sugar management and to provide all the support tools necessary through the new ExtendSnacks.com Web site and the launch of its “Round the Clock” Glucose and Hunger Control Program.

On the heels of National Diabetes Month, ExtendSnacks today announced a new initiative to increase public awareness of the importance of blood sugar management and to provide the education and nutritional tools necessary to be successful in controlling blood sugar on a daily basis. This will be accomplished over the next year through a two pronged effort that includes a new “Round the Clock” Glucose and Hunger Control Program and a re-launched and enhanced Web site (www.ExtendSnacks.com).

The specific goal of ExtendSnacks is to help people who have a blood sugar issue and/or diabetes, but may be completely unaware of its affect on their daily health. 57 million Americans have pre-diabetes, a condition which if left untreated, leads to diabetes. An additional 24 million Americans are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Improving blood sugar control has been proven to help with weight management and can help prevent costly complications caused by unchecked diabetes. Unfortunately, very few Americans understand the relationship between the foods we eat, our blood sugar levels and our overall health.

The 2010 ExtendSnacks initiative will bring new light to the importance of blood sugar management. These efforts will help Americans improve health through blood sugar management, and also educate consumers to the fact that no other nutritional product can match the “round the clock” glucose control benefits of the ExtendSnacks patented formula. ExtendSnacks are the only nutritional products on the market that are clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours.

ST. LOUIS, MO (January 8, 2010) – ExtendSnacks today announced their 2010 initiative to significantly raise awareness of the importance of blood sugar management to overall health and to offer support and solutions to those who want to improve the control of their blood sugar. ExtendSnacks is working with healthcare professionals, diabetes educators, dietitians, endocrinologist and health clinics, as well as consumers, to help identify those who may be suffering the effects of poor blood sugar control (and at risk for diabetes) and provide them with guidance on lifestyle changes to benefit their long term health.

ExtendSnacks is focusing on 3 groups of people, to build greater awareness of blood sugar management:
1. People who are at risk of developing diabetes, but don't know it.
2. People who have diabetes, but are unaware and undiagnosed.
3. People who are diagnosed with diabetes, but are not in control.

Most people in these 3 groups are completely unaware they have issues with blood sugar. As part of their 2010 initiative, ExtendSnacks is preparing a launch of their new Web site, www.ExtendSnacks.com, by Q2 2010. The new Web site will feature inspiring success stories, insights and tips from a diverse array of peers and nutrition professionals, timely news and information; and detailed information on the ExtendSnacks story, its inventor Dr. Francine Kaufman and the groundbreaking products (ExtendBar, ExtendCrisps, ExtendShakes) that have been clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours.

The web site will also provide access to ExtendSnacks’ popular e-newsletter series, materials that simplify the diabetes basics, and exclusive content from Dr. Francine Kaufman. In addition, visitors will be provided unparalleled support through programs such as the “Round the Clock” Glucose and Hunger Control Program, an array of tasty recipes that designed to have minimal impact on blood sugar, and the ability to search for an ExtendSnacks’ retailer or conveniently purchase directly through its revamped online store.

Today, 66.3 percent of adult Americans (about 200 million) are categorized as being overweight or obese. Being overweight puts added pressure on the body's ability to properly control blood sugar using insulin, and therefore makes it much more likely for one to develop diabetes. Almost 90% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. Even though managing blood sugar levels is the most critical aspect of controlling hunger and averting obesity, most Americans remain unaware of its importance. Without improving awareness of blood sugar management, there is less opportunity for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of those who are at highest risk for diabetes. Because of this, the rate of both obesity and diabetes continue to increase at alarming rates in the US, especially among children. If current trends continue, 1 in 3 children born today will face a future with diabetes.

Despite the trends, with a little education and a few small lifestyle changes, people can begin to retake control of their blood sugar. ExtendSnacks’ new “Round the Clock” Glucose and Hunger Control Program is easy to follow and can significantly improve blood sugar control. The program is simple – just eat one serving of ExtendSnacks (ExtendBar, ExtendCrisps, or an ExtendShake) between meals 3 times a day. Each serving helps stabilize blood sugar for up to 9 hours, so when you eat 3 snacks spaced evenly throughout the day (one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon, and one before bed) it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels “round the clock”.

The “round the clock” glucose control approach also promotes healthy weight management and smarter eating at meal time because stabilizing blood sugar helps to control hunger, thereby reducing the tendency to consume excess calories. In fact, the ExtendSnacks formula is clinically proven to help reduce calories consumed at the next meal by 21% on average, when used as a between meal snack.

The “Round the Clock” Glucose and Hunger Control Snack Program and the new Web site launching in 2010 are just two more examples of the additional value ExtendSnacks provides beyond its leading-edge products and a 24/7 ExtendSnacks Support Call Center (1-800-887-2919). “Our new Web site will allow ExtendSnacks another opportunity to build and strengthen our personal relationships with our loyal customers,” says Sue Cogan, VP Marketing of ExtendSnacks. “It will be an interactive site that allows us to educate about blood sugar management, the “Round the Clock” Glucose Snack Program, and our ground-breaking product line. It will also give consumers an easy avenue to personally communicate with us… Although our patented products are the core of our company, we view ourselves as a health solutions company that hopes to partner and provide lifetime value to our customers through a combination of great tasting snacks, superior education, community building, and personal support.”

About ExtendSnacks
ExtendSnacks are manufactured and marketed by Clinical Products, LLC, headquartered in St. Louis, MO. ExtendSnacks™, holder of 17 world-wide patents, are the only snacks clinically proven to help stabilize blood sugar for up to 9 hours, providing the benefits of hunger control and long-lasting energy. The ExtendSnacks line of products include ExtendBars (5 flavors), ExtendCrisps (5 flavors) and ExtendShakes (3 flavors). The original ExtendBar® was invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, former president of the American Diabetes Association; world renowned endocrinologist; and author of the groundbreaking book Diabesity. The continued mission of Clinical Products is to create great-tasting, convenient food products that promote healthy blood sugar management.

ExtendSnacks® are available in Walgreens stores nationwide, in Southern California at Albertson’s in the Diet/Diabetic section, Ralph’s in the Adult Nutrition section, in Arizona at Hi-Health, in the MidWest at HyVee, and online at www.ExtendSnacks.com, Drugstore.com, Amazon.com or by calling 1-800-887-2919.

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