Extreme Immunity(TM) to give The human immune system the defense shield it was intended to have

PORTLAND, OR., January 24, 2008 – Nature, Body and Mind, Inc. announces the release of Extreme Immunity™, a new, natural powdered source of five essential immunoglobulins, the five immunoglobulins which fight off microbial challenges to the human body.

The human body was designed to produce about five grams per day of the five basic immunoglobulins, but in today’s stressful world, the body’s immune system is constantly challenged and often fails to produce the necessary five immunoglobulins in required concentrations. The result is viral and bacterial attacks which can overwhelm the average person. Environmental stresses, such as cigarette smoke, polluted air, toxic emissions, etc., can also reduce the body’s capacity to make these five critical immunoglobulins.

Extreme Immunity™ is a purified immunoglobulin protein isolate, manufactured in the U.S. and contains a minimum of 45% IgG, the single most important immunoglobulin in the human body. Extreme Immunity™ also contains other vital components such as Transferrins, Cytokines, Interleukins, Interferons, Lymphokines, and Cysteines. Extreme Immunity™ is also is abundant in Insulin-like Growth Factor I and II (IGF-I & IGF-II), which affect how the body uses fat, protein and sugar.

“Because the body is under so much stress, it’s vitally important that five grams of Extreme Immunity™ be added to the body’s defense system every single day. Not a 500 milligram pill – which has insignificant impact – but 5 full grams,” the president of Nature, Body and Mind, Inc., John Hart said. “Our new powdered form is engineered to deliver the most concentrated and consistent immune support available. It can easily be blended into your favorite drink, even protein shakes. You’ll have the defense shield around your body you should have,” Hart said.

Extreme Immunity™ is 100% ImmunoLin®, developed by lead researcher Dr. Eric Weaver, Ph.D., of Proliant Labs. Dr. Weaver believes that Extreme Immunity™ is the key to “the acceleration of quality of life.” More than 100 published studies have proven the components in Extreme Immunity™ to be very supportive of the human body.

Extreme Immunity™ offers not only an enhanced immune system, it also provides the necessary environment for bowel flora as well as gastrointestinal health and integrity. It also promotes quicker healing and aids in lean body mass -- all this without any known side-effects.

Customers who have used Extreme Immunity™ report no challenges or greatly reduced challenges to their overall wellness. This remarkable protein isolate has been approved for human use by the FDA and under USDA guidelines as a dietary supplement.


John Hart, President
Nature, Body and Mind, Inc.

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