FACT Foods Unveils 'Nutrition First' Brand for Line of High-Fiber, Low-Carb Products

FREEHOLD, N.J., Aug 10, 2004 -- FACT Foods (FCTOA), today unveiled its new product brand, 'Nutrition First'. FACT (Food and Culinary Technology) develops and markets a proprietary line of high-fiber, reduced-carbohydrate food products and premixes for distribution to commercial bakeries and other food manufacturers.

"FACT remains focused on meeting consumers' increasing demands for healthy alternatives. To date, we've achieved this goal through sales of our products and premixes to other manufacturers and distributors. The move to our new brand, 'Nutrition First', is intended to help communicate our basic corporate philosophy to both our clients and the consumer as we prepare for the launch of our first retail product line over the Internet this fall. Under its new brand, FACT will continue to provide its customers with high quality premixes and products designed to meet changing consumer dietary needs and tastes," said Jacqueline Danforth, FACT President & CEO.

FACT's proprietary premixes and products help address the following ailments: diabetes, weight management, heart health, gastro-intestinal health, carbohydrate control, and fiber deficiency. Information and recent statistics on these ailments are now available on the Company's website and also through a newsletter subscription service offered online.

To coincide with the introduction of its new brand, FACT is re-launching its website with a fresh new look intended to provide a source of information about FACT, its products and operations to commercial customers and our investors.

"The first phase of our new website also launches today," added Ms. Danforth, "with phases two and three expected to comprise an educational resource for the consumer and finally an independent e-commerce site concurrent with the introduction of our line of 'at-home' retail bake mixes under the 'Nutrition First' brand. Phases two and three are expected to launch this fall."

For more information about FACT's premixes, product information, industry trends and functional foods, please visit http://www.factfoods.com.

About FACT Foods:

Headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey, FACT Corporation develops, licenses and sells proprietary functional premixes, formulations and ready-to-eat products through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Food & Culinary Technology Group Inc. and FACT Products Inc. The FACT companies serve clients who manufacture, distribute and market functional food products through a variety of conventional and alternative distribution channels, including branded and private-label retail opportunities, as well as food-service and specialty markets.

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