FANCL Establishes Health Food Safety & Quality Standard

FANCL Corp. has established a health food safety and quality standard known as the FANCL Standard of Quality, or FSQ. With the rising concern over food regarding false place of origin/expiry dates and adulteration by pesticides, the FSQ’s eight points are to convey the ideas of “safety” and “trustworthiness”, the aim being that consumers will have peace of mind when using the products. The FSQ has been advertised since mid-September, with reports appearing in publications like FANCL’s Genki Seikatsu information magazine. The company is planning to add the FSQ mark to its supplement, aojiru (kale juice), and germinated brown rice products from November. The company believes that by advocating specific points regarding food safety from the raw materials stage to the after-service stage, it can contribute to the sound development of the health food industry.

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