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FAST-C™ Named NutrAward Finalist

Anaheim, CA (January 18, 2010) -- FAST-C™, the patent pending Vitamin C ingredient innovated by Scientific Food Solutions and distributed by E.T. Horn in partnership as Alkemy Partners, is one of three finalists for the 2010 NutrAward for the Best New Ingredient.

The NutrAward program was created to recognize companies that are investing in rigorous and measurable scientific studies and innovation to prove the efficacy of their proprietary ingredients or technologies. There is perhaps no greater honor than to be recognized by one's peers. When industry leaders gather at the annual Nutracon conference and SupplyExpo each March in Anaheim they recognize one of their colleague companies for the best new use of an existing, or innovation of a novel, functional ingredient for the NutrAward.

Voting begins on January 25, 2010 at The winner will be announced at SupplyExpo in the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California on Saturday March 13 at 5PM.
NutrAward criteria for the Best New Ingredient include:
• Scientific Merit
• Efficacy
• Market Potential
• Safety
• Innovation
• Ability to Increase Market Credibility
• Introduced from Jan. 2008 to present

Scientific Food Solutions and ET Horn are honored to be in the select group of finalists for this award, and gratified that the clinical studies on FAST-C were deemed important by the distinguished selection committee.
“Vitamin C is in many ways the granddaddy of the vitamin family, and consumers embrace it as being safe and effective,” said SFS president Gretchen Reece. “However, as with most consumer health products, faster delivery is widely viewed as an advantage, which is why FAST-C has such tremendous potential.”

“FAST-C has a great opportunity to reinvigorate the vitamin C market,” said Kevin Salerno, President of ET Horn’s Nutraceutical Group. “Its benefits are well known, its safety widely accepted, and this recognition of a form more rapidly absorbed and easily tolerated can help consumers to boost compliance.”

FAST-C contains BioPerine, the award winning patented bioavailability enhancement product from Sabinsa Corporation, through a semi-exclusive licensing agreement. Sabinsa’s original US patent on BioPerine was recently re-affirmed by the US Patent Office, which also strengthens the intellectual property portfolio behind FAST-C. Sabinsa Marketing Director Shaheen Majeed said “The robustness of the BioPerine patents and the pioneering research on FAST-C sponsored by SFS, coupled with its efficacy, will make this new product very successful.”

The most recent clinical study, recently presented at the 2009 American College of Nutrition annual conference, showed a significantly faster rise in blood Vitamin C in the first 90 minutes. Notably, despite the faster entry of Vitamin C into the blood with FAST-C, urinary excretion was slightly less, suggesting excellent retention by tissues. The bioavailability comparison was to a leading Vitamin C formulation at a 1,000 mg single dose. This clinical trial, a double-blind, randomized crossover study, was conducted by Miami Research Associates, an FDA monitored, US-based pharmaceutical and nutrition research facility. This is the second US-based double blind, randomized crossover clinical trial on FAST-C.

FAST-C is a premium, faster absorbing and well-retained Vitamin C product. It utilizes a unique, patent-pending composition that provides a buffered and 90%+ acid neutralized Vitamin C, delivering vitamin C with greater speed and excellent retention in an easily tolerated formulation that fosters greater compliance. FAST-C contains BioPerine, the patented bioavailability enhancement ingredient from Sabinsa Corporation, through a semi-exclusive licensing agreement.

About Scientific Food Solutions, LLC
Scientific Food Solutions, LLC is a nutritional bioactive innovation and research company that focuses upon applications for dietary supplement, conventional and functional food and beverage, and over the counter drug applications. The company’s bioactives are the product of patent pending compositions and independently validated clinical studies conducted in the USA. Scientific Food Solutions’ mission is to innovate and commercialize natural bioactives with specific, confidence-inspiring science, delivering safe and reproducible results that support the end consumers’ desire for enhanced health, function, and wellness. Scientific Food Solutions, located in Northern California, has been in operation since 2002.

About The E.T. Horn Company
The E.T. Horn Nutraceuticals Group, a division of The E.T. Horn Company, is a leading nutraceutical ingredient supplier in North America whose ingredients are used in the nutritional supplement, medical food, and pharmaceutical markets. The company is recognized as a leader in introducing new, cutting edge, active ingredients. Founded in 1961, the E.T. Horn Company is one of the nation's premier distributors of raw materials and chemicals. E.T. Horn is focused on providing formulation solutions, superior customer service and technical expertise in the distribution of products from the finest manufacturers.
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