FASTir outperforms traditional Xanthan gums

FASTir outperforms traditional Xanthan gums

FASTir Xanthan EC hydrates more quickly and thoroughly than most other traditional Xanthan gum products.

TIC Gums FASTir Xanthan EC gum will disperse and hydrate more thoroughly than all but the most expensive Western sourced Xanthan gum. Processed and packaged in Bel Camp, Maryland, FASTir Xanthan EC will hydrate much more quickly and thoroughly than most other traditional Xanthan gum products. Lower quality Xanthan gum requires more time to blend and process, bigger and more expensive machines and the people to operate them. All of this makes manufacturing more difficult and time consuming. Switching to FASTir Xanthan EC eliminates all of these challenges without effecting product quality.

“FASTir Xanthan EC will blend and thoroughly dissolve in three minutes where most traditional Xanthan gum takes twenty minutes,” said Mary Lou Cunningham, innovation manager and food scientist at TIC Gums. “Consumers realize no difference in the outcome of dressing, sauce, soups, dips and beverages made with FASTir Xanthan EC but manufacturers derive many benefits, starting with all the time saved.”

Lumps and screening eliminated
Traditional Xanthan gum does not go into solution easily or very thoroughly. Significant percentages of unblended Xanthan gum have to be removed from production lines, using screens to sift un-dissolved clumps of Xanthan gum out of process flows. Adding to the inconvenience is the need to add more Xanthan gum to processes to make up the difference of those clumps that do not dissolve.

Further, knowing that a percentage of Xanthan gum will not blend, buyers compensate with over-purchase. “If you need100 pounds of Xanthan gum in a batch to be blended and know that 15 percent will stay in powder and not dissolve, then you have to buy 115 pounds of material,” Cunningham stated. “Because it blends faster and more thoroughly than traditional Xanthan gum, the need for screening, additional blending time, over production or purchasing are all eliminated. FASTir Xanthan EC is a better value to manufacturers using limited blending resources.”

No pre-hydration or slurry
Additionally, FASTir Xanthan EC does not require any pre-hydration or the preparation of oil based slurry, it can be added directly to batches of food products. FASTir eliminates the need for investment in higher capacity mixing equipment or the need to hire people to operate those machines. All of this is possible without the loss of quality. So called “work-arounds” that involve special processes or procedures that result from lower quality Xanthan gum are eradicated.

Dramatic improvement
FASTir Xanthan EC represents a functional improvement over all but the most expensive, western sourced Xanthan gum including Chinese or eastern sourced gum, non-agglomerated Western sourced Xanthan gum and even most agglomeratedWestern sourced Xanthan.

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