FDA accepts Cyanotech's New Dietary Ingredient petition for 12 mg astaxanthin

FDA accepts Cyanotech's New Dietary Ingredient petition for 12 mg astaxanthin

The FDA passes Cyanotech's New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notice to allow a 12mg daily dosage of BioAstin Natural Astaxanthin.


Previously, the US FDA allowed the use of Astaxanthin up to 7.8mg per daily serving. A daily serving of 4mg – 8mg is fine for most people, but for people with certain conditions or individuals whose bodies absorb carotenoids poorly, higher levels are indicated. For example, most of the human clinical research on Astaxanthin showing efficacy for joint and tendon problems was done at 12mg per day. And amateur and professional athletes have become accustomed to using about 12mg per day as well. Even an average person using Astaxanthin as a preventative antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for its numerous health benefits who absorbs carotenoids poorly may want to use 12mg. (It’s interesting to note that different people absorb carotenoids in their diets very differently, with a range from as low as 5% absorption to over 90%. So a person who absorbs at the 90% level taking 4mg per day may have better results than a person who absorbs at the 5% level taking 12mg per day. The best thing to remember to enhance absorption is to always take your Astaxanthin supplement with a meal that contains some fat; the dietary fat will help your body absorb Astaxanthin better.)

Cyanotech filed a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notice with the US FDA to allow a 12mg daily dosage of BioAstin® Natural Astaxanthin to cover the broad spectrum of potential users. The company announces that the NDI was reviewed by the FDA and Cyanotech’s BioAstin is now permitted at 12mg per day. This compares to other brands whose allowed levels range from 4mg – 7.8mg per daily serving.

Astaxanthin is fast on its way to becoming a household word (even though it is hard to pronounce). It appeared for the third time this year on the famous Dr. Oz TV show earlier this month, and health experts around the world are talking about it and recommending it. For more information, visit http://www.cyanotech.com/.


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