FDA approves Z Trim label for meat applications

FDA approves Z Trim label for meat applications

Z Trim corn fiber binds the juices, fats, and seasonings of ground beef formulas to enhance flavor, texture and yield.

Z Trim Holdings Inc., a biotechnology company providing value-added ingredients to a variety of industries, announced that the FDA has approved the labeling of Z Trim products in meat applications. Specifically, the FDA has approved the use of Z Trim ingredients in ground, emulsified and processed meats and poultry.

Total estimated revenue for the processed meat and poultry industry is expected to reach $179.4 billion in 2012, according to IBIS World research. In these applications, Z Trim ingredients can help food processors to significantly lower their costs while improving finished product performance for consumers. For example, when a small percentage of Z Trim corn fiber is added to a ground beef formula, the Z Trim will bind the juices, fats, and seasonings, thereby enhancing flavor, texture and yield. Further, it will prevent oil separation during cooking, reducing shrinkage and giving the finished product a better appearance.

"Z Trim ingredients are perfectly positioned to help the enormous meat and poultry industry deliver on the promise of healthier, better quality finished foods for consumers," said Lynda Carroll, Z Trim VP of sales and applications. "We've already made significant progress testing Z Trim in meat applications with a number of major processors, and now that we have FDA labeling approval, expect to achieve substantial sales to this market segment in short order."

Vince DeGrado, vice president of technical services, food safety and R&D with American Foods Group, LLC, began his relationship with Z Trim over five years ago. Mr. DeGrado stated, "Z Trim's ingredients provide exactly what I need to make finished products with fewer unnatural ingredients, extended shelf-life, and cleaner labels. The technical staff at Z Trim is extremely knowledgeable and understands how to help me achieve my formulation goals, whether they involve reducing cost, managing moisture, or creating cleaner labels." He added, "Seeing the Z Trim Team win the Making Healthy School Meals Easy Challenge at this year's IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas gives me even greater confidence that I'm working with a Company that can help me make our already excellent products better still."

Chef Eric Carre, president and owner of Amazing Food Creations, has been using Z Trim in his formulations for several years. He stated, "Z Trim can be used in both ice-cold and hot emulsions, as the Z Trim ingredients' performance is completely unaffected by temperature. It's an excellent moisture binder and an emulsion stabilizer, and can be used in complex meat applications such as hot dogs or sausages. Further, Z Trim helps to optimize product yield through the entire manufacturing process, including the critical smoking phases." He went on, "We've found that Z Trim can be used in a number of different ways to improve virtually any finished product, including meatloaf, chicken patties, and burgers or meatballs, irrespective of the processing methods. Z Trim truly is an indispensible ingredient to have at one's disposal."

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