FDA is Satisfied with LycoRed’s GRAS Classification of LycoMato(R)

Natural LycoMato® formulations fortify foods with tomato lycopene

February 18, 2005 – LycoRed Natural Products Industries, Ltd., manufacturer of the world’s foremost natural tomato lycopene complex, announced today that FDA has responded to their GRAS submission covering LycoMato® oleoresin and the LycoPen® formulations.

In a letter to the head of the expert team of scientists that conducted an independent safety evaluation of LycoRed’s ingredients, Dr. Laura Taranatino, Director of the Office of Food Additive Safety stated, “Based on the information provided by LycoRed, as well as other information available to FDA, the agency has no questions at this time regarding LycoRed’s conclusion that their tomato lycopene extracts (1.5 and 6 %) and crystallized tomato lycopene extract are GRAS under the intended conditions of use.”

FDA’s concurrence with the findings of the independent expert panel, opens the doors for LycoMato® oleoresin, LycoPen® suspended in glycerol (2% SG) and cold water dispersible (3% and 10% CWD) LycoPen® formulations to be used to fortify foods with natural tomato lycopene.

Dave Thomas, Director of Marketing and Business Development for LycoRed’s Food Division stated, “LycoRed is pleased with this pronouncement by FDA which paves the way for more food manufacturers to benefit from the marketing trend in food fortification. The health benefits of tomato phytonutrients, lycopene in particular, are being touted in the news with increasing frequency as more and more researchers conclude that tomato lycopene offers a measure of protection to those seeking ways to prevent health problems that may result from oxidative cell and DNA damage.”

Clinical studies show that antioxidant-rich LycoMato® may help to support prostate, heart and skin health, and according to Mr. Thomas, “In this era of multi-tasking it’s not enough for our hurried meals to taste good, they must provide a health benefit as well. Fortification with tomato lycopene satisfies an important consumer need “

LycoRed offers the industry the only natural tomato lycopene ingredients for food and beverage use. Tomato lycopene is currently fortifying a variety of foods including meat substitutes, beverages, yogurts, cereals and breads in Europe and Japan.

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