Fenchem to expand its fish oil supply volume

Fenchem to expand its fish oil supply volume

Fenchem is increasing its presence in the fish oil market in the next few years.

Expanding awareness of essential roles of omega-3 playing throughout every stage of human life, like maintaining healthy brain and visual function, supporting cardiovascular health and etc., are being established.

Fenchem will boost fish oil supply volume, the main source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA. As a specialized supplier of active ingredients for the dietary supplements and functional food, Fenchem looks to further increase of fish oil market in the following years, and will expand the fish oil supply volume, which is up to 600 MT/annually, including 350 MT high concentration fish oil, together with the boost of fish oil softgels, which is up to 600 million caps/annually. Fenchem OmaCare™ high concentrated omega-3 is derived from deep-sea fish oil with highly concentrated levels of DHA (up to 50%) and EPA (up to 70%) in customized ratios. With more than 16 years serving the food and nutraceutical industry, Fenchem will also provide the customers with value added solutions of fish oil.

Fish oil derived Omega-3 EPA/DHA accounts for more than 80% of Omega-3 market, because these Omega-3 EPA/DHA are more easily to be absorbed by the human body. With the increasing acceptance of Omega-3, people in many other regions around the world, besides the Nordic region, are developing the habit of consuming fish oil. USA is now the biggest market of Omega-3, and the markets of UK, France, Germany and North Europe are also taking a large proportion. Fenchem emphasizes these markets and can guarantee a fast delivery in high quality of fish oil to these regions with the help of Fenchem’s overseas offices and warehouses, one is Fenchem Inc in USA, another is Fenchem EU in Czech Republic.

Fenchem is a science-based supplier of food ingredients and supplement ingredients for more than 15 years. After Fenchem Inc in USA and Fenchem EU in Czech Republic, the new office in Malaysia is the third overseas branch. Fenchem its own quality control center contributes to guarantee the products to meet the customers’ standards.

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