Fenchem Notes Continued Growth

Fenchem notes that it has continued its growth despite the economic recession. In the past year, Fenchem revenue increased by about 50%.

The company's nutrition division is the strongest part. Some traditional products including HyaMax® Sodium Hyaluronate, and TOCOVET® Vitamin E, EssenRose™ Rosemary Extract and CellMotive™ Coenzyme Q10 have played an important role in the growth, which for this division was about 30%. The market of HyaMax® in USA has been increased about 60%.

During 2009, the company launched new nutrition ingredients including In-fibre™ organic certified inulin, Pro-fit™ probiotics, FenMix™vitamin premix and SAMe-WAY™ SAMe-E. These innovative products play an important role in our growth. At the beginning of this year, Fenchem expanded into two new fields of cosmetic ingredients and feed ingredients with some new products launched, so the company not only increased revenue but gained more market share. The two new fields contribute 30% in our total turnover at present and are expected to contribute more next year.

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