Fenchem Posts Sales Increase

Ingredient company Fenchem has announced that it has achieved a 10% sales increase in the US market over the past 6 months compared to the same period of last year, when Fenchem US Branch was launched in Chino, CA. The sales increases are primarily triggered by two reasons: (1) Fenchem offers a quick response time with prompt delivery schedule along with a competitive pricing for its customers; and (2) Fenchem has been focusing on the development and production of functional food ingredients to meet the needs of the US functional food market.

The Fenchem US Branch Office consists of a large warehouse space which enables Fenchem to store an adequate level of inventory locally to provide a prompt delivery fulfilling customer’s urgent requirements; customers now can expect receipt of shipment within 2-3 days of order placement since the inception of US Division. Fenchem also put its focus on development and promotion of the functional food ingredients such as prebiotic inulin (In-fibre(TM)), natural antioxidants TOCOVET(TM) natural vitamin E, G-Tea(TM) green tea extract, Grapurit? grape seed extract and Pomgreat(TM) pomegranate extract.

Furthermore, Fenchem has been devoted to develop a prime grade phytosterol product series. Phytosterol granular and nano phytosterol are the two new products launched by Fenchem. Cholevel(TM) phytosterol granular is ideal for tablet and nano phytosterol can be added into functional foods with good solubility.

To accommodate to the increasing demand by US market, Fenchem is expanding the production capacities at its China factory. The new facility will focus on the production of TOCOVET(TM) vitamin E and Cholevel(TM) phytosterol. The TOCOVET(TM) vitamin E price from Fenchem is lower then universal market price with about 10-12%. TOCOVET(TM) is available in d-alpha tocopherol succinate, D-gama tocopherol and mixed tocopherols powder with good water solubility.

In the coming IFT show, Fenchem will exhibit some of the popular products and service at Booth #: 1255. Visit Fenchem’s booth for more information.

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