Fenchem sets up new team for food research

Fenchem, a supplier of food ingredients, is announcing to set up a new dedicated team for food application research.

This new team is composed of food engineers, nutritional scientists, food application experts.

We are very excited to set up this new food research team at the prospect of pursuing the best ways to bring the added value of our cutting edge technologies to customers. We will continue expanding our capabilities, delivering more nutritional, functional, economical and sustainable ingredient solutions to this high-growth market.

Fenchem provides customers with both the technology and expertise to formulate and design products to meet the needs of our end consumers. This new team expands Fenchem’s capabilities with providing a specialized support for customers to utilize when developing products with our ingredients.

Fenchem is a science-based supplier of food ingredients and supplement ingredients for more than 15 years. Our featured products include In-fibre™ organic Inulin, LuMarin™ Lutein, NeuVia™ Stevia Extract, OmaCare™ Omega-3 Fatty Acid, etc. Our R&D scientists and laboratory technicians give our customers much technical support on product applications, which will enable you to reduce the time-to-market cycle of new applications.


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