Fenchem USA relocates to larger facility

Fenchem USA relocates to larger facility

Larger warehouse makes it easier to set up sufficient inventory and ship orders more rapidly and accurately than before.

Fenchem USA has announced that it has relocated from its former office and warehouse in Chino, Calif., to nearby 15308 El Prado Road in Chino to satisfy the rapid business growth. This move allows Fenchem to further its expansion and growth goals in US market and to better serve the local customers.

The new location includes enlarged office and warehouse, of which the area is twice than the former place. The larger warehouse and high level of organization make it easier to set up a sufficient inventory and ship out the orders more rapidly and even more accurately than ever before, which is an important part of Fenchem’s fast delivery service.

The enlarged office backs the expanding of staff in Fenchem USA to give more sales and technical support to local customers. In 2012, the sales of Fenchem USA soars dramatically, encouraging Fenchem to hire more local staff to support the business growth.

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