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Fi Asia China 2010 Begins June 2

Hong Kong based UBM Asia, one of the biggest and fastest commercial organisers in India and China that owns over 130 media products, is organising Fi Asia China 2010 – for Asian food and food ingredients industry.

The event will take place on June 2–4, 2010, at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. Now in its twelfth edition, the exhibition has evolved into one of the biggest food based annual events in Shanghai.

“This year with Fi Asia China 2010, visitors will discover the only event in Asia that serves the rapidly growing health and natural ingredients industry. Natural ingredients (Ni) and Health ingredients (Hi) are expected to bring visitors to Shanghai from around the world, driven by the overwhelming global interest in health and natural ingredients market of China,” the organisers said.

Organisers also claims that Fi Asia China is the only large-scale show to focus on the entire South Asian food ingredients sector which also brings together manufacturers, processing specialists, service providers and other experts in the field of food ingredients from Asia Pacific.

China: Lighthouse for food ingredients future
Speaking about Chinese food ingredients market and its international role, Vincent Brain, event manager, said, “The Chinese consumer is becoming more sophisticated. As buyers start to look beyond price, there is an increased demand for products that have demonstrable health benefits. Companies such as Nestle and Coca-Cola have established R&D bases in China to develop products for both the domestic and international market. These shows are designed to bring suppliers of functional and natural ingredients – both Chinese and international - to the attention of major industry players.”

According to Chinese research reports, there are over 8,000 registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients in China, and many are being tested by major international corporations like Unilever and research organisations such as WageningenUniversity for use as functional food ingredients.

Currently, China is the leading supplier of herbal extracts like artemisinin, solanesol, St. John's wort and gingko extract, and is set to become a major source of “super-fruits” like Goji and sea-buck-thorn berries which are gaining worldwide attention.

“The promise of cost effective, safe ingredients is a major factor in the industry’s enthusiasm for Fi Asia-China. However, equally enticing was the opportunity to explore the incredible potential of the Chinese market. Whilst the present economic climate has hit consumer confidence, the Chinese food industry is still expected to grow an additional 109 per cent by 2013. China’s new middle class remains a resilient market for international companies looking to protect their revenues as core markets mature,” Brain noted.

“Now in our 12th year, we’re continuing to evolve with the market. As China is moving from a world supplier of health and natural ingredients to a mass consumer of these products, we are proud to bring our successful Health and Natural ingredients trade exhibitions to China.” This was stated by the organisers on the welcome page of Fi Asia China’s official website.

Food, Health and natural ingredients are in huge demand in China, India and Asia. Fi China, Hi China and Ni China 2010 offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your products to the key customers in this dynamic growing market.

In addition, the exhibition will offer to learn new trends within the food industry in China, see, smell or taste new product innovation, update knowledge and network with other professionals at our high-level conference.

Few facts of Fi Asia China
● One can access a global market: The event provides maximum 78 per cent domestic and 22 per cent international visitors from across the world.
● Increase brand awareness: Over 35,078 visitors attended Fi Aisa-China last year.
● Grow your business: over 80 per cent of Fi Asia-China, Hi China and Ni China 2009 exhibitors established new business relations.
● Expand your reach: The show is co-located with CPhI, P-MEC and ICSE China which means one will have exposure to visitors across the ingredients spectrum.
● Close the deal: Over 45 per cent of the audience have the power to purchase at the show and are there with the sole purpose of sourcing new suppliers.
● Enter a new dynamic market: As Chinese consumers turn to Western products, finished food manufactures are demanding more imported ingredients.

Profile of exhibitors includes companies that cultivate, extract, process or supply food & beverage ingredients, companies that cultivate, extract, process or supply health, nutraceuticals, organic and functional ingredients, companies that cultivate, extract, process or supply natural ingredients used in food & beverages, medical remedies and nutraceuticals, suppliers of food processing, food safety or food services to the food & beverage industry.

Organisers are expecting over 265 exhibitors from India, the US, France, Britain, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, Belgium, and Italy.

The organisers also assure that the three-day tradeshow will allow meeting manufacturers, suppliers, and specialists from China and around the world face to face. Participants can establish relationships with the people and companies who will help to meet ones objectives, develop and nurture existing relationships with clients.

Conference: Sound Science: The Foundation for Healthy Foods Innovation
In Asian food & beverage markets, particularly Indian and Chinese, the key to understanding the consumer is to understand their basic values that will impact their food purchases. One value that seems to never change for the consumer is the desire for “good health.”

Scientists, engineers, and clinicians continue to innovate, create, and identify break-through ingredients and foods that will enhance the consumer’s health and wellness.

Nowadays, innovations like biotechnology, new analytical technologies, membrane technology, and separation and isolation technique all play key roles in the food of the future. With an aim to explore Chinese food & beverage and ingredients in-depth – UBM Asia jointly with Ontario, Canada-based International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) has organised an international symposium concurrent to Fi Asia China trade fair.

The conference will run concurrent to the exhibition on June 2 and 3. “This symposium explores cutting edge ingredients and food systems of today and tomorrow related to these efforts. Expert speakers in the field will talk about products and emerging technologies, with science-driven perspectives and one-to-one discussion time offered to conference attendees,” IUFoST said.

The two-day symposium is designed in three different sections viz. “Reaching the Global Consumer with safe and Healthy Foods,” (June 2), “New Foods Innovations,” (June 3) and “Food Laws and Regulations – clearing the way” (June 3).

Marianne Gillette, VP – technical competencies and platforms, McCormick and Co. Inc.(US), Tian Ming Fu, food safety officer and director, YUM China, Chen Liqiao, operation director, Danisco China, Guangwei Huang, principal scientist and food technology, Almond Board of California (US), Christie Lin, director of business solutions, ValuePlus Consulting (Taiwan), Fereidoon Shahidi, department of biochemistry, Memorial University (Canada), Lekh R Juneja, executive vice President, Taiyo Kagaku Ltd (Japan), Ralf Greiner, Max Rubner Institute (MRI), Germany, and others are scheduled to speak in the convention.

“We assure that this conference would bring high-level critical information essential for doing business both inside and outside of China. R&D, product managers, innovation directors, small and large businesses will benefit from the critical edge offered through this international roster of acknowledged experts. This is the opportunity to hear what is emerging in functional foods worldwide, how the issues are being handled, how to grow your business for different consumers and how to enhance your business both in China and in the international marketplace,” UBM Asia stated.

National and international manufacturers, producers and retailers of foods, beverages and supplements, ingredient manufacturers, suppliers, traders and distributors, professionals involved in food processing, medical remedies and nutraceuticals, packaging, safety, quality and services, consultants, government and trade associations, institutes and universities, researchers and food technologists and professionals involved in food education & training are likely to visit the tradeshow and global convention.

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