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FiberGel Technologies to Launch Z-Trim and Z-Trim Cookies at HealthExpo From January 16 - February 1, 2004 During the Florida State Fair

MUNDELEIN, Ill., Jan 07, 2004-- FiberGel Technologies, Inc., a Circle Group Holding's subsidiary (OTC Bulletin Board: CRGQ), will present its Z-Trim products to the public at the HealthExpo exhibit during the Florida State Fair January 16 - February 1, 2004. The Z-Trim exhibit, held within the Nutrition Neighborhood section, will feature foods made with Z- Trim, a patented corn-based, zero calorie fat substitute. As the largest consumer health entertainment event in the country, HealthExpo is a theme park of health information including screenings, patient education, nutrition, technology and exercise.

As many as 750,000 attendees are expected to pass through the event. HealthExpo Celebrity Chef "Ferhat" will prepare foods with Z-Trim for consumers and FiberGel will provide thousands of samples of its reduced calorie Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie to visitors throughout the two week event. "We want to educate the public on what Z-Trim is, how to use it, and how it can significantly improve their diets by reducing fat and calories without affecting taste or texture," said Greg Halpern, CEO of Circle Group, "We are going to give people the chance to see that foods containing Z-Trim are as delicious as their full fat counterparts and with the recent food industry effort to address obesity, we want to show consumers that there is no other comparable product on the market."

In a series of field tests and independent focus groups conducted in 2003, respondents who sampled foods with Z-Trim could detect no taste differences between them and their full fat versions. Many actually preferred Z-Trim versions citing better moistness (cookies), creaminess (fudge) and juiciness (meat). The studies also included cream cheese, salad dressings, chili, lasagna and chocolate cake.

The HealthExpo appearance will be Z-Trim's first expansion into the consumer market. Timed with the event, FiberGel will begin selling Z-Trim for home use which will be available both at the web site and by phone at 847-549-6002 along with a cook book and CD-rom. In addition, delicious chocolate chip cookies with 25% less calories from fat will go on sale at the Cookie Garden ( ) or by calling 800-472-CHIP (2447).

Z-Trim is a proprietary, all natural, zero calorie breakthrough in fat substitutes originally developed at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to decrease fat and calories and increase healthy insoluble fiber in a variety of products, including cheese, baked goods, meat products, dressings, confectionery products and a wide range of other prepared foods. It has been well received by a number of major food manufacturers as a vital ingredient for making healthier foods that respond to the global obesity epidemic.

Halpern feels large public sampling is an important demonstration for food manufacturers as well as the public. "It's not enough to show the food industry data from consumer testing in a lab setting. Our confidence has repeatedly been validated by such tests, but we resolved to go public with our product as part of our national 'Z-Trim Taste Challenge' campaign. HealthExpo has been recognized for years as one of the most important settings to accomplish product awareness goals," said Halpern. "This gives us a chance to educate consumers who are concerned about the dangers of obesity and it gives manufacturers an opportunity to view consumers choosing better, more nutritious products."

About Fiber Gel Technologies

Fiber Gel owns the worldwide rights to Z-Trim for all fields of use. Developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Z-Trim is a patented, zero calorie, multi-functional, fiber food ingredient that lowers calories and fat in most foods without affecting taste or texture. For more information about FiberGel Technologies, visit .

About Circle Group Holdings, Inc.

Circle Group Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CRGQ)( ), is a pioneer of emerging technology companies. The Company provides small business infrastructure, funding and substantial intellectual capital to bring important and timely life-changing technologies to market through all early phases of the commercialization process.

This press release and prior releases are available on the Company's web site at .

About HealthExpo, Inc.

HealthExpo is a high-touch marketing channel that will reach more than 12 million consumers interested in wellness and healthy lifestyles in 2003. HealthExpo puts marketers in touch directly with consumers at state fairs and other entertainment venues, offering a highly effective and economical channel for pharmaceutical, nutrition, sports, exercise and other companies to reach consumers directly with healthcare education and product information.

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