Finished Products Expo Announces Tasting Bar Lineup

The organisers behind this year’s Finished Products Expo have recently announced the products set to appear at the hotly anticipated Tasting Bar @ FPE. A creative selection of functional foods and drinks have been submitted and will take up their places in the popular line-up at the show on 18-20 May at Geneva Palexpo.

And that’s not all. At the event itself, visitors to the Tasting Bar will be given the opportunity to sample the products and then vote for their favourite in the functional food or functional drinks category. The winners will then be announced at the end of each day during the show.

Featuring in the functional drinks category is a low calorie diet meal replacement product in orange and mango from FrieslandCampina. Creamy Creation is a yogurt-based ready-to-drink low calorie beverage containing real fruit juices. It has a minimum shelf-life of 12 months, remains stable in an ambient environment and has an excellent taste profile.

ProViva from Probi AB is a probiotic fruit drink, which since its launch, has become the number one functional product in Sweden. ProViva is supported by broad clinical documentation in the gastro field. Also selected from Probi AB to appear on the Tasting Bar this year is Bravo Friscus, a unique probiotic drink made from 100% juice. Containing two patented probiotic strains that strengthen the immune system, the drink is clinically proven to protect against common colds.

Edel-Tonic Revitalization Isotonic Drink contains Edelweiss extract and a combination of ten vitamins and mineral salts. The unique formula means it is ideal for use by sportspeople as an immune system booster but also to aid recovery and re-hydration after exercise. The drink is also suitable for people who work in highly stressful positions or labour intensive jobs as it helps with exhaustion and fatigue.

Another product to have made it into this year’s Tasting Bar line-up is AloeVera Tasty from Zuccari s.r.l. Made from pure Aloe Vera Juice, this product contains all the healing benefits of Aloe Vera but without its characteristic flavour. Instead, the taste has been enhanced with sucralose, an innovative calorie-free sweetener which gives the drink a pleasant flavour without altering the Aloe juice content. With no added water, AloeVera Tasty is an appetising healing product for broad consumption.

Also appearing in the functional drinks line up is Drink-Therapy, Minidrink-Nutriage from Docteur Nature Industrie. Made from a combination of phytonutraceuticals, prebiotics and with vegetable extracts, this product does not contain milk or require any refrigeration.

An equally appetising array of functional foods will also be available for visitors to sample on the Tasting Bar. Ellactiva Chocolate Flavour Calcium Chews from Oxford Nutrascience Ltd offer a delicious means of providing the body with all the calcium and minerals it need to build and maintain healthy bones. Containing Calvital 400, a unique complex of natural milk minerals and other key bone-building nutrients, two chews can provide an adult with 100% of their recommended daily calcium allowance and contain only 20 calories each.

Also highlighting its range of chews will be Sankom. The company’s dietary fibre chews claim to provide an efficient, healthy and natural means of losing weight. Enriched with vitamins A, C, E and magnesium, the chews have been developed by a team of Swiss doctors and nutritionists to assist in the battle against one of the western world’s fastest growing epidemics – obesity.

Rounding off the functional foods category is Pez Production Europe with its effervescent tablets and dextrose with vitamins. This product contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamins suggested for adults and children.

Chris Lee, Finished Products Expo Event Director commented: “The Tasting Bar @ FPE is one of our most successful features at the show. It gives people an opportunity to see and actually taste the products that could one day make it onto the shelves. Plus, it is a great showcase for the companies that have put everything into a product that could become the next big thing in functional food or drink. I’m looking forward to seeing which ones come out on top at the event on 18-20 May this year.”

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