First human study on Kamut wheat shows heart benefits

First human study on Kamut wheat shows heart benefits

Multiyear research program seeks to understand why most people who cannot eat modern wheat can tolerate this ancient variety.

Kamut International is pleased to announce the publication of the first study in Phase III of its multi-year research program to understand the unique properties of ancient wheat sold under the Kamut trademark and why most people who cannot eat modern wheat have no problem eating this ancient wheat.

This study focuses on the effect of the ancient Kamut brand wheat on healthy human beings. Published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, January 2013, this study focused on the two most important factors for heart health, antioxidant capacity and inflammation. The randomized, single-blind, crossover study took place in Italy with a research group of 22 healthy adults—eight men and 14 women—over two test periods, each eight weeks in length.

“This is a big breakthrough in learning more about ancient, organic grains and the health benefits they offer,” commented Bob Quinn, Kamut International founder. “Over the past four years we completed the first two phases of our four phase research project. In phase two of our project, we studied the effects of eating ancient and modern grain on rats. Now we have begun our third phase based on studies of healthy human subjects. We were excited to see the same results as we had seen in the rat studies. A diet of KAMUT brand wheat product compared to traditional durum wheat resulted in a higher antioxidant capacity and decreased inflammation activity.”

The first part of the study took place over an eight-week period, where each group fed on the same amount of “wheat” products, not being allowed to consume any other type of grains. After initial eight weeks, all participants went through an eight-week “wash” period, where they could eat a normal diet before the second part, where the experimental and control groups exchanged for another eight-week period of testing.

“We are making great strides in documenting the significant health benefits of KAMUT brand ancient wheat,” concludes Bob Quinn, who has been an organic wheat farmer for nearly 30 years after earning a PhD in biochemistry from UC Davis. “This study just strengthens our ongoing commitment to research in order to understand the role that ancient wheat can play in human health.”

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