First Organic Ice Cream Mix is now Available

MARSHALL, CA — Straus Family Creamery is proud to announce the first organic ice cream mix to be available in the United States. Using only organic ingredients, no emulsifiers and with 14% butterfat, Scoop Shops can now provide their own deliciously flavored organic treats.

With the consolidation of dairy processors, the selection of ice cream mix has become smaller and the guarantee of finding a GMO-free and emulsifier-free product is nearly impossible. The availability of Straus Ice Cream Mix which contains just organic milk, cream, sugar and egg yolk allows Scoop Shops a much desired option.

“We wanted to do the right thing, “ said Ray Martin, owner of Fairfax Scoop, the first and only organic scoop shop in the nation which often has customers lining up outside the door. Fairfax Scoop uses Straus Ice Cream Mix as their base and has a revolving menu of over 100 unique flavors.

For those who don’t have the equipment to make their own ice cream, Straus is also offering their Super-Premium 17% Organic Ice Cream in 3 Gallon Bulk containers for food service. Flavors include Vanilla Bean, Dutch Chocolate and Raspberry.

Straus Super Premium Ice Cream is also available in pints in retail stores around the nation.

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