First, Waxy Maize Based, Functional Native Starches Receive Quality Assurance International Certification

BRIDGEWATER, NJ--The first, new, functional native, waxy maize-based food starches for use in organic foods received Quality Assurance International (QAI) certification. These specialty starches impart a smooth, short, heavy-bodied texture and do not set to a gel.

One of these starches, known as NOVATION® 9230 serves well for aseptic puddings, dips, sauces and salad dressings because it can withstand high temperatures, high shear, or low pH food processing systems. Thus, food producers who want a "100% organic" product label can use this specialty starch. It enables organic food developers the opportunity to formulate high quality foods that withstand the rigors of mixing, blending, high temperatures, high pH, freezing without breaking down and losing their appealing flavor and textures.

The other specialty starch, called NOVATION® 9260 functional native starch, is suitable for foods like retorted soups and gravies as well as cook-up, home style preparations. As a unique, functional, native starch, this ingredient exhibits low to moderate tolerance to temperature and shear at neutral pH. Shear may result from mixing, blending, pumping and similar physical agitation.

Both these native starches have a bland flavor and can release flavors in some foods. An independent research firm conducted panel and consumer preference testing to confirm the potential flavor improvement phenomenon. The flavor profile enables the developer to improve flavor or reduce flavor usage. Food manufacturers need no special equipment to use these starches. In addition, manufacturers do not need to begin using any special processes to use NOVATION functional native starches. "We offer this specialty starch to help organic foods manufacturers achieve a desirable texture while maintaining 100% organic identity," says Joe Lombardi, marketing program manager, National Food Starch.

For more information on NOVATION 9260 and 9230 functional native starches, contact National Starch Information Center, One Matrix Drive, Monroe, NJ 08831. Call 1-800-797-4992. Fax 1-609-409-5699. E-mail: [email protected]

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