Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd. Announces Launch of SambuGuard Campaign

VANCOUVER, Oct. 8 - Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd. in a continuing effort to provide herbal remedies to the North American market is proud to announce the launch of its latest consumer campaign. Focusing on the cold and flu product SambuGuard, the campaign will be implemented throughout health food stores in North America and will run from the beginning of October through March 2004. In conjunction with the launch, Flora will undertake a national advertising campaign and retailer support program. Newly redesigned promotional materials including a cardboard floor display, a counter display and educational brochures will aid in informing consumers of SambuGuard's blend of immune-enhancing ingredients.

SambuGuard is a tasty and effective liquid herbal formula known for its ability to boost immune system responses. When taken immediately after the occurrence of symptoms such as congestion or sore throat, SambuGuard may prevent the onset of full-blown colds and flus. A synergistic blend of herbs and vitamins SambuGuard is comprised of the following:

Elderberries - Traditionally used in disarming germs to prevent them from multiplying
Elder Flowers - Alleviate symptoms including sinus and bronchial congestion
Echinacea Purpurea - Boost immune system responses
Vitamin C and Acerola Cherry - Fight infections and strengthen the immune system
Honey - Used as a natural sweetener

"With fall and winter approaching we saw the need to spotlight a cold and flu product that can provide North Americans with a safe and natural remedy" says Tobias Aysslinger, Dr. Dunner Category Manager for North America. "The active ingredients in SambuGuard were specifically chosen for their efficacy and their ability to boost immune response. This truly is a unique product with a great taste and proven results" says Aysslinger.

SambuGuard is available exclusively at health food stores across North America and is sold in 175 mL bottles.

About Dr. Dunner / Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd.

For more than 50 years, the name Dr. Dunner has been synonymous with high quality, dietary supplements. Founded in 1948, Dr. Dunner is located in the picturesque Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland and exports to more than 20 countries worldwide. Dr. Dunner supports your health with traditional products produced by modern methods. All of our products are manufactured to ensure the highest possible quality, purity and effectiveness.

Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd., Dr. Dunner's sister company in Canada, is the sole distributor of Dr. Dunner products to the North American market. Flora has been producing top quality natural health care products in Canada since 1965, gaining a reputation as an innovator and industry leader.

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