FloraGLO® Lutein attains expanded GRAS status

CHICAGO, IL (July 15, 2003) – FloraGLO brand lutein has earned expanded GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for increased inclusion amounts in its current GRAS food categories and for use as an ingredient in new food categories.

The new food categories include: bottled water; carbonated beverages; instant and regular hot cereals; chewing gum; salad dressings; frozen yogurt; hard candy; energy, sport or isotonic drinks; vegetable drinks; chewy and nougat candy; fruit snacks; and infant/toddler foods (not including infant formula).

Kemin Foods now has attained GRAS status for FloraGLO Lutein in more food categories than any other lutein ingredient manufacturer.

FloraGLO Lutein is the first lutein product with GRAS status, which it achieved in June 2001 for inclusion in breakfast and granola bars, energy bars, energy drinks, fruit drinks, fruit juice, meal replacement drinks, mixed vegetable juice, cereals and soy milk. In June 2002 FloraGLO Lutein gained GRAS status for additional product categories including tomato-based pasta sauce, snack crackers, canned soups, ready-to-drink teas, refrigerated yogurt, liquid, frozen and powdered egg substitute mixtures and fermented milk beverages.

The GRAS inclusion level for FloraGLO Lutein among these products has now been increased by a range of up to 200%. Lutein inclusion allowances per serving (Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed or RACC) now range from 0.3 milligrams to 3 milligrams. The FloraGLO Lutein inclusion allowance limit for medical foods has been increased to 20 milligrams per day.

Last month FloraGLO Lutein was introduced in two new nationally distributed Hain Pure Foods® vegetable and carrot juices from Hain-Celestial Group, a leading natural foods manufacturer.

“These expanding GRAS levels demonstrate the safety and versatility of lutein in foods and beverages. This is important in the continuing quest to make the powerful health impact of FloraGLO Lutein widely available to consumers everywhere,” said Cheryl Sturm, strategic marketing manager for Kemin Foods.

Nearly 300 published, peer-reviewed studies have documented the important health benefits of lutein for the eyes, skin and heart plus other health conditions. Research has suggested regular lutein intake may reduce risks of age-related macular degeneration—the leading cause of vision loss among older Americans—and cataracts. Studies also have linked lutein with preventive benefits involving skin health during exposure to sunlight’s UV-A and UV-B radiation, and atherosclerosis, a leading contributor to heart disease.

About Kemin Foods and FloraGLO Lutein

Kemin Foods manufactures and markets FloraGLO brand lutein, a natural ingredient used in hundreds of vitamin and dietary supplement, food, beverage and cosmetic products around the world.

FloraGLO brand lutein is the only patented, purified, crystalline lutein product with GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status among a variety of food categories.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, the company is part of Kemin Industries Inc., with manufacturing facilities in Iowa, Texas, Belgium, India, Singapore and Thailand. To learn more about Kemin Foods and FloraGLO brand lutein, visit www.FloraGLOlutein.com or www.luteininfo.com.


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