Fluxome and GlycaNova Join Forces to Bring a Promising Beta Glucan Product to the US Dietary Supplement Market

Nutraceutical ingredient provider Fluxome A/S has entered a strategic exclusivity agreement with research-based biotechnology company GlycaNova Norway AS. Fluxome gains the exclusive rights from GlycaNova to market and sell a very promising beta glucan product in the US dietary supplement market.

The final product, Fluxome® Beta Glucan, developed by GlycaNova, is a natural beta glucan product manufactured by fermentation. The product has been subject to a number of clinical trials, which confirm Fluxome® Beta Glucan’s immune-enhancing effects in humans.

The unique production process enables Fluxome to supply a standardized product with a guaranteed content of completely intact beta glucan.

“Our production process employs no chemical steps, such as solvent extraction, which is known to harm the beta glucan molecule, in particular its triple helix structure which is so important for the immune response. Furthermore, with our production technology we can guarantee an absence of pesticides, heavy metals or other undesired elements in the product” says Bjørn Kristiansen, CEO of GlycaNova Norway AS.

”GlycaNova is an innovative company with a unique technology platform. I am therefore extremely pleased that we have been able to establish a close strategic alliance between the two companies. The beta glucan product developed by GlycaNova holds a huge commercial potential due to its unique documented immune-stimulating effects” says Steen Andersen, CEO of Fluxome A/S.

The product fits well with Fluxome’s other product, Fluxome® Resveratrol and the company’s general philosophy of delivering high quality ingredients free of contaminants with a superior level of product and supply consistency. The technology platform of GlycaNova also shares Fluxome’s emphasis on reinforcing the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly production technologies.

“Beta glucan offers an excellent fit with our current product portfolio supporting Fluxome’s corporate vision of being a leading nutraceutical ingredient supplier of scientifically well documented, high quality products” Steen Andersen confirms.

The cooperation utilizes GlycaNova’s cutting-edge technology platform and ability to develop and manufacture products with enhanced biological effect by using their patented fermentation and separation technology. Fluxome with their established activities in the US dietary supplement market contributes to the synergy by having key market knowledge and a strong distribution platform.

“The cooperation with Fluxome provides us with the opportunity to focus on our core competences in product development. I am confident that Fluxome shares our goal to expand the use of fermentation technologies to supply the market with more effective and safe products” Bjørn Kristiansen states.

Based on its own unique technology platform, Fluxome recently launched Fluxome® Resveratrol on the US dietary supplement market. The company’s headquarter, with state-of-the-art R&D facilities, is located in Denmark from where its expanding US organization is supported by 26 skilled employees.

GlycaNova is headquartered in Norway from where the company operates its R&D facilities with the aim of supporting its current products as well as developing new products based on its technology and technical know-how. Manufacturing takes place in high tech facilities in accordance with all industrial quality standards.

For more information about the cooperation please contact CEO Steen Andersen of Fluxome ( [email protected]) or CEO Bjørn Kristiansen of GlycaNova ([email protected]). For further information on Fluxome® Beta Glucan please contact Marketing Manager Mads Bjørnhof of Fluxome ([email protected]).

About Fluxome Sciences A/S:

Fluxome Sciences A/S , a Copenhagen-based Danish company, is a recognized leader in the field of industrial biotechnology. Fluxome uses its proprietary, cutting-edge microbial metabolic engineering technology platform to build highly efficient cell factories for the production of a broad range of commercially important nutraceutical ingredients.
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