Fluxome Moves to New Global Headquarters

Fluxome has consolidated its Danish operations under one roof in Stenlose, Northern suburb of Copenhagen. The new location will house Fluxome’s global sales and marketing, administration, and R&D. Thanks to positive global development and good response from the market Fluxome is confident to expand as planned even in the current global economical situation.

Fluxome is a fast growing industrial biotechnology company established in 2002. It is rooted in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and has until now been sharing space with DTU at the campus in Lyngby. Since the early days, Fluxome has rapidly developed into a highly sophisticated and advanced biotechnology business. Now the company is moving to the next level by consolidating its R&D, administration, and global sales and marketing at a new location with the potential for further growth. The company is currently employing 32 people and is expanding its staff constantly. In addition to the new office space the new location has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities needed for new product development.

Fluxome’s first commercial product, natural trans-resveratrol, has been successfully introduced to the global food and supplement market. Trans-resveratrol is the basis of many possible health benefits such as anti-aging properties, calorie restriction, and anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular protective activities. Fluxome has developed a process for production of trans-resveratrol by a recombinant yeast strain, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and holds a leading global position in the area. Being an innovative greentech company Fluxome has several new products in the pipeline. The next major launch will be the Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) offering a wide range of health benefits. These new products will be introduced during 2010.

The new premises constitute a highly functional and representative headquarters to support Fluxome’s continued growth and commercial activities. Next in line will be the expansion in the Unites States with local office and sales force which is in line with Fluxome’s strategy to work with the global fast moving supplement industry. Fluxome entering into commercialization well ahead of the original schedule is a strong and positive signal from the biotech industry and a statement of Fluxome’s position as a viable greentech company with a strong project pipeline and needed resources and tools for long-term profitable expansion.

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