Fonterra finds a fountain of functionality in milk

Fonterra finds a fountain of functionality in milk

As the world's undisputed dairy leader, New Zealand-based Fonterra sets the standard for sustainability and innovation in the dairy market.

This New Zealand–based farmer-owned cooperative is the single largest producer of milk in the world. Owned by 11,000 New Zealand farmers and encompassing a global supply chain reaching customers and consumers in more than 140 countries around the globe, Fonterra stands out as an undisputed leader in the dairy business.

Fonterra continues to expand production to meet the growing demand for milk and dairy products in China. The company has already invested in three farms and intends to expand further in the next five years.

Fonterra emphasizes sustainability and responsible practices and supports its members in pursuing eco-friendly advances on their farms. From better management of fertilizer to reducing energy consumption, pollution, and keeping streams clean, Fonterra farmers are reducing their ecological impact as well as saving themselves money.

Since 2003 Fonterra has reduced its energy consumption by 13.9 percent per ton of product—enough to power 100,000 homes. Its New Zealand manufacturing sites have implemented programs that manage to recycle or reuse 92 percent of the total solid waste produced at the plants. Since 2005 Fonterra has saved 35,800 tons of paper, cardboard, and plastic as well as organic waste from piling up in landfills.

Innovative manufacturing processes like a heat recovery loop increases energy efficiency by using product streams to heat and cool each other as needed and will result in a 10 percent reduction in energy expenditures for the company. Fonterra further streamlined their costs and environmental impact by utilizing a milk concentration technology so that fewer trucks are required to transport the same amount of milk solids—to the tune of 3,000 fewer tanker movements.

Fonterra's functional ingredients

Fonterra’s commitment to research shows up in products like the DR10 and DR20 probiotic strains. In a clinical trial the company investigated the ability of DR10 to protect against common childhood illness. More than 1,000 one to four year olds in India were involved and according to Fontera, “The findings showed that children were better protected against dysentery and against sickness with a high temperature.”

Innovative, market-driven ingredients like ClearProtein for beverages meet consumer demand for more nutrition without sacrificing taste or delivery. Supplying all the benefits of whey protein in a clear form that can be used in clear beverages, functional waters, and sports drinks.

For the all the lovers of rich flavor in the world Fonterra created ButterMax. Formulated from natural cream this ingredient enhances the cooked buttery flavor and dairy expressions when added to foods and beverages. Due to the intensity of the cooked buttery flavor ButterMax can be used at low levels and still deliver a rich, home-cooked flavor. The company recommends ButterMax for use in spreads and margarines, cooking oils, bakery products, microwaves foods such as dinners and pop corn, low fat products, confectionery, ice cream, sauces and soups, pizzas and other prepared foods.

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