Food and Beverage Companies Launch National Effort to Combat Obesity

Primary Objective: Address Obesity Issue with Solutions Based on Science, Behavior and Balance

WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The food and beverage industry, partnering with other related companies and associations, today launched a national effort to get practical information into the hands of parents, teachers, communities and policymakers about effective solutions for tackling obesity.

The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition (ACFN) will advocate realistic solutions to improve the health of all Americans, particularly youth. ACFN will also address obesity in America with comprehensive, constructive public policies based on sound science and behavioral research. ACFN is a non-profit organization founded by a broad coalition of food and beverage companies, trade associations and other related industries and associations.

Specifically, the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition supports:

-- Increasing the number of students who engage in physical activity for
30 minutes a day in schools;
-- Increasing effective nutrition education in schools;
-- Increasing support for applied research on achieving behavior change to
support fitness and nutrition education goals.

"The Council's goal is to help Americans, especially children and parents, develop eating and exercise habits that lead to a balanced and healthier lifestyle," said Council spokesperson Alison Kretser, a registered dietitian. "We will work with leading health, nutrition, fitness and behavioral experts to help Americans set achievable goals for lifetime health."

ACFN members will draw on their collective resources to achieve a greater impact than any single organization. Food and beverage companies around the country already support programs that foster better nutrition education and more opportunities for activity. Through ACFN, these programs and others that are making a difference for Americans will be identified, supported and promoted as models for other communities to adopt.

"A consensus is building that achieving a healthier lifestyle, especially for America's children, has to emphasize balancing daily activity and nutrition habits," added Kretser. "The Council and its members are part of that growing consensus and are dedicated to finding constructive, long-term solutions."

ACFN has launched a Web site,, that includes tips for consumers and links to sources for sound nutrition and fitness information; a program of outreach to policymakers and others involved in developing wellness policy; and outreach to media to provide both industry information and resources through the medical, fitness and education community. In addition, ACFN will conduct "listening tours" around the country to reach out to all those involved in the effort to achieve healthier lifestyles -- health and medical professionals, schools and educators, recreation and fitness professionals, parents groups and policy makers.

About the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition

The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition (ACFN) is comprised of food, beverage and consumer products companies and related organizations that share an interest in promoting research, education and policies designed to promote a healthy balance between fitness and nutrition. ACFN's mission is to advocate comprehensive, long-term strategies and constructive public policies for improving the health and wellness of all Americans, particularly youth, by promoting science- and behavior-based solutions focused on the critical balance between fitness and nutrition.

Web site:

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