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Food Expo Hong Kong to Feature New Trade Hall

Event to run with International Conference and Exhibition of the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine and Health Products (ICMCM).

The annual Food Expo in Hong Kong is a favourite summer pastime for the local public. This year, the fair, building on its strong foundation, has further expanded to stage a trade section for industry buyers.

Food Expo will feature over 200 Hong Kong and overseas companies, coming from the Chinese mainland, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan and UAE. Out of this group, over 60 companies including all overseas participants will join the trade hall, meeting two targets in one go. While having chance to introduce their local specialty food items to Hong Kong consumers, the trade hall session helps them to further promote their products to trade buyers.

Ms Anne Chick, Senior Exhibitions Manager of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, remarked, "Food Expo has been running for 15 years and is well received by local consumers. Now that we see a critical mass from overseas participants, we believe that a trade session is timely to offer greater convenience to buyers from Hong Kong as well as overseas to source the versatile and delicious range of food of international mix under one roof." Ms Chick continued, "Furthermore, we are opening up more business opportunities to these food companies as they will be able to expand their business by taking trade orders at the trade hall in addition to just doing retail business."

Running together with Food Expo is another show ~ International Conference and Exhibition of the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine and Health Products (ICMCM). This fair was for the first time jointly organised by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and MCMIA, and successfully attracted 90 exhibitors in 2003. For the 2004 event, over 90 companies have confirmed participation, representing various parts of the Chinese mainland, Korea, Singapore, US and Hong Kong. There will also be a 2-day conference programme to go with this trade fair.

"The two fairs provide synergy as food buyers will from time to time look into health products. And in particular, supermarkets or food chain stores' merchandisers will source a wide range of food or health products, " said Ms Chick.

The trade part of Food Expo and ICMCM is located in Hall 2 of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which will be restricted to trade buyers on August 12 and 13 and will be open to public on the following 3 days.

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