Food Ingredient Solutions' FISclear natural colors line addressses stability concern

Food Ingredient Solutions' FISclear natural colors line addressses stability concern

Food Ingredient Solutions, LLC successfully addressed a frequently cited complaint regarding natural colors with most recent innovation:  FISclear™.

Food Ingredient Solutions, LLC (FIS) has successfully addressed a frequently cited complaint regarding natural colors—lack of stability—with its most recent innovation:  FISclear™, a line of transparent, stable micro-emulsion colors, extracts and oils made from paprika, beta carotene, carotenal, lycopene, carrot oil, palm carotene and canthaxanthin.

Emulsification and encapsulation techniques can be used to increase stability of natural colors.  FISclear employs GMO- (genetically modified organism) free emulsifiers to produce emulsions with particle sizes in the 50-100 nm range, producing unparalleled clarity, stability and shelf life.  At this size, emulsions are often stable for years.  FISclear also works well in liqueurs. As noted in its name, FISclear is clear and does not ring.  To meet anticipated demand for this new line, FIS has installed an additional 450MT of high temperature/pressure emulsification capacity.

The initial FISclear color and extract product line includes astaxanthin, beta-carotene (natural and nature-identical), apo-carotenal, carrot oil, lycopene, palm carotene and paprika micro-emulsions.  These colors and extracts provide a wide range of shades from pale to greenish yellow through various peach, orange and pink tones to a rich, deep red. The FISclear colors are ideal for applications such as clear confections as well as beverages.

FIS uses naturally acylated fruit and vegetable sources for anthocyanin colors, such as red cabbage, purple sweet potato, red radish and, to a lesser degree, black carrot, which are considerably more stable than traditional colors from elderberry, grape and hibiscus, according to President Jeff Greaves.

The company offers color, flavor and extract combinations to suit individual customer requests. FIS anticipates increasing its array of standard emulsified colors, flavors and extracts—and to working with its customer to develop stable, transparent variants of oil-soluble nutritional actives.

About Food Ingredient Solutions

Since 1999, Food Ingredient Solutions, LLC has been a manufacturer and distributor of natural and artificial colors, hydrocolloids, opacifiers, fruit and vegetable juice powders and other natural and organic ingredients for foods, drugs and cosmetics. The company has facilities in Teterboro, New Jersey; Springfield, Missouri; Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; and Rohnert Park, California. For additional information, please visit

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