Fortitech to feature energy gum at  Vitafoods 2012

Fortitech to feature energy gum at Vitafoods 2012

During Vitafoods 2012 on May 22-24 in Geneva, Switzerland, Fortitech will be sampling an energy enhancing gum which is fortified with Taurine, Guarana and B-vitamins.

Having helped food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers introduce or improve over 30,000 products in its 25 year history, Fortitech (stand 2053) continuously sets the standard in the field of fortification with unparalleled expertise.  Solely dedicated to the development and manufacturing of custom nutrient premixes, Fortitech can source over 1,400 ingredients from a comprehensive selection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides and nutraceuticals, enabling manufacturers to target the specific needs and demands of any consumer demographic with Strategic Nutrition.  Our premixes are used in a variety of applications including baby formulas, cereals, bars, dairy products, nutrition and sports drinks, juices, snacks, waters, candies, spreads and supplements, just to name a few.  During Vitafoods 2012, Fortitech will be sampling an energy enhancing gum which is fortified with Taurine, Guarana and B-vitamins.

In 2011, Fortitech received FS 22000 certification for all of its facilities.  Having led the industry with a stringent and comprehensive quality standard that meets, and in many cases, exceeds industry regulations, this new certification, fully approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), is 100% food safety driven, and targets the food manufacturing sector.  Currently, Fortitech is one of the first manufacturers that have received global FS 22000 certification across all domestic and international facilities.  Additional information is available by visiting

Fortitech is also committed to helping decrease the amount of people suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies in low income regions of the world.  The company’s World Initiative for Nutrition (WIN) works with manufacturers to develop high quality fortified foods that are available and affordable. This often includes working with non-governmental organizations, governmental and international agencies aiming to improve nutrition to meet their specific needs.  With on-demand support from Fortitech’s six facilities worldwide, WIN delivers nutritional solutions that are practical, effective and quality assured.  For additional information on WIN, visit

Visit to learn more and gain access to product development tools and resources, including free nutrient monographs, tech papers, podcasts, webcasts and more.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn, or on our blog for other news and insights.

About Fortitech Europe ApS
Fortitech Europe ApS is part of the global network of manufacturing and distribution companies of Fortitech, Inc., the world leader in the development of custom nutrient premixes for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.  Located in Gadstrup, Denmark, the company is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of nutrient premixes.  Fortitech Europe is FS 22000 certified and meets kosher and Halal requirements.  The company also meets HACCP and allergen monitoring program standards. Not just premixes...Strategic Nutrition!

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