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Four Leading Companies Form the 'Power Foods Pavilion' at Green Festival

Healthy Attributes & Exotic Origins of Their Delicious and Powerful Foods Are Sure to Create a Buzz at the Green Festival on September 24 & 25 in Washington, DC

(Washington, DC – September 2005) - What do purple berries from the Amazon, a naturally caffeinated green tea from the rainforest in Paraguay, organic chocolate from Latin American cacao and hemp seeds from the prairies of Canada have in common? All of them offer powerful nutrition and energy and the companies that produce these goods share a mission to promote sustainable agriculture and pay workers an equitable wage. These exotic, ancient foods and drinks will be available in their finest manifestations at the Green Festival in the Washington Convention Center at a “one-stop-shop for sustainable excellence” - the Power Foods Pavilion.

Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, Dagoba Organic Chocolate, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils and Sambazon will join forces on September 24 and 25 to entertain festival-goers in a party atmosphere. These award-winning companies are among the partners of the event and will use their combined strength, top quality products, fun vibe and cultural appeal to educate consumers about their cutting edge natural products at booths 525, 527, 624, and 626.


Acai, Hemp Foods, Yerba Mate and Organic Chocolate are among the fastest growing segments in the natural food and beverage market. The companies that make up the Power Foods Pavilion are industry leaders and due to their youthful entrepreneurial spirits, positive energy, dedication to ethics and excellence and the powerful benefits of their products, The Power Foods Pavilion is expected to be one of the busiest attractions at the Green Festival. Visitors to the Pavilion will groove to the beats of world music while they fuel themselves with Guayaki Yerba Mate Lattes, savor Dagoba’s premium chocolate ranging from pure blends to exotic flavor infusions, and enjoy Sambazon’s Acai smoothies fortified with powerful Manitoba Harvest hemp protein powder.


Each of the products featured at the Power Foods Pavilion has an amazing nutrition profile gaining recognition from health experts. Manitoba Harvest hemp foods offer an impressive profile of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids, protein, fiber and vitamins. Naturally caffeinated Guayaki Yerba Mate contains 196 active compounds and has higher polyphenol and antioxidant counts than either green or black teas. Cacao - Dagoba’s main ingredient - is high in antioxidants, mood boosting theobromine and essential minerals like magnesium. Sambazon Acai is a wild harvested Amazon palm berry that is packed with powerful antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals.


Each of the products at the Power Foods Pavilion has a rich cultural history, and each has been re-discovered with the intent of bringing them in a traditional form to a North American audience that is seeking energy and connectedness in our increasingly fast paced and globalized world. Guayaki’s Organic Yerba Mate is grown in the natural South American rainforest where it has been celebrated for centuries as the “drink of the gods.” Dagoba sources their cacao, known as the “food of the gods,” directly from producers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Sambazon Acai is sustainably harvested in the Amazon. Manitoba Harvest hemp seed, an ancient crop enjoying a rebirth now that a lawsuit struck down federal regulations seeking to ban this cousin of marijuana, is grown on the prairies of Canada.


DAGOBA seeks to create the world’s finest organic chocolate under fully sustainable means. Dagoba offers a full line of bars, baking essentials, drinking chocolates, specialty items and foodservice - all are Certified Organic and Kosher, many are Fair Trade Certified. Dagoba has gained high regards - including “Best Dark Chocolate” - San Francisco Chronicle, “Best Organic Bars” - Food & Wine and World’s Best Chocolate” - CNN/Money. Dagoba is family owned and manufactures using entirely renewable energy., 1-800-393-6075

Established in 1998, MANITOBA HARVEST™ has a Commitment to Quality from Seed to Shelf. The award-winning company grows, processes and packages all of their own products. They pay a sum above market price to their farmers, who are also shareholders in the company. Manitoba Harvest hemp seed is grown sustainably and no herbicides or pesticides are sprayed on the crops. The company grows USDA-certified organic hemp seed for their organic products., 1-800-665-HEMP (4367)

In honor of the Guayakí people native to the mate forest, the award-winning company offers premium quality, rainforest-grown yerba mate that is organic, fair-trade and sustainable. The cultivation of GUAYAKI YERBA MATE takes place on the 12,500-acre Guayakí Rainforest Preserve and their Market-Driven Conservation approach generates Fair Trade income for the families living there and revenue for the Preserve - a haven for more than 330 bird and mammal species., 1-888-GUAYAKI

SAMBAZON is the world’s largest supplier of Açai pulp and Açai products including Organic Ready to Drink Smoothies, Smoothie Packs, Ready to Blend Concentrates, PowerCaps and PowerScoops. In Brazil, Sambazon helps promote the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest through sustainable farming as well as contributing economic benefits for the indigenous people of the Amazon. Working with the local NGOs Sambazon is building a sustainable supply of Organic Açai, while employing over 20,000 local people in the Amazon who helped harvest Açai under Sambazon’s certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade program.

Mic LeBel,

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