Fred Meyer to Carry Reed’s Rx Remedy for Nausea

Reed’s, Inc., maker of the top-selling sodas in natural food stores nationwide, announced that Fred Meyer, which operates 129 multi-department stores in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, will begin carrying ‘Reed’s Rx’ over-the-counter ginger-based remedies for nausea and motion sickness in all of its locations.

“We continue to see growing interest from major retailers and consumers for a natural remedy to ease the discomfort of motion sickness and nausea,” said Chris Reed, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Reed’s, Inc. “Ginger has been known as one of the best herbal remedies for treating nausea and upset stomachs for centuries. We have received many testimonials over the years from consumers about how our ginger-based beverages are effective in relieving morning sickness and motion sickness, so we created the ‘Reed’s Rx’ product line.” Added Mr. Reed, “As a pioneer in one-stop shopping, Fred Meyer has a long tradition of providing fresh foods and educating consumers about healthy living and choices, and is committed to offering the highest quality products in their grocery departments and pharmacies. We are excited that the ‘Reed’s Rx’ line will now be available in all Fred Meyer superstores.”

Bob Lyon, Western Region VP of Sales at Reed’s, Inc., stated, “We’re thrilled to work with Fred Meyer and expand Reed’s over-the-counter remedy for nausea nationally. Since launching the ‘Reed’s Rx’ product line in March, we have seen increasing interest from leading retailers and drug stores that are integrating natural alternatives and remedies into their stomach aisles. This presents an exciting opportunity to significantly expand the ‘Reed’s Rx’ line and grow our sales beyond the traditional food and supermarkets product segments.”

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