Free From Gluten launches retail Web site

Free From Gluten offers more than 2000 products, making it the world’s largest gluten free food retailer.

Until recently, people following gluten free diet have had limited choices when it came to purchasing premade foods that didn’t contain gluten. Gluten is the protein in grains such as wheat, rye and barley, and is commonly found in bread, pasta, cereal and a variety of processed foods. People might eat a gluten free diet because they have been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, or simply because they want to live a healthier lifestyle that does not include grains. Additionally, many parents choose gluten free diets for their autistic children, as it is purported to help with symptoms. As many as one in 133 people in the US are diagnosed with celiac disease, and as many as one in seven people have gluten sensitivity. For this reason, there is a great demand for premade gluten free foods.

Free From Gluten offers a wide range of gluten free foods, including bread, pasta, flour blends, baking necessities, snacks and condiments. With a focus on natural, often organic, gluten free foods, Free From Gluten strives to make following a gluten free diet easier. All of the products sold on their website are free from gluten, and sold in a quantity that makes purchasing gluten free foods economical. Furthermore, their offerings come from some of the most trusted manufacturers of gluten free products, including Schar, Pamela’s Products, Bob’s Red Mill, Glutino and Pacific Natural Foods, to name a few.

While an increasing number of grocery and specialty stores are carrying gluten free products, the selection is usually woefully limited, not to mention expensive. Free From Gluten offers more than 2000 products, making it the world’s largest gluten free food retailer. As such, consumers can count on when it comes to locating a hard to find or obscure gluten free products. Not only do they offer an unprecedented variety, they also give customers a way to save money by buying in bulk. With diligence to their client’s needs for foods that are safe to eat, Free From Gluten offers a complete snapshot of each product, including nutrition and allergy information, as well as ingredient lists. This ensures that customers can feel confident that they’re purchasing food that is appropriate for their specific dietary needs.

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