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Free Lutein from Pharmline - Highly bioavailable lutein is in demand for supplements and functional foods

Florida, NY—April 1, 2005—Pharmline, a supplier of high-quality nutritional ingredients and phytonutrients, announced the immediate availability of their patent-protected, high-purity lutein product: Hi-Fil™ Lutein Beadlets. The non-GMO modified starch-encapsulated beadlets contain the free form of lutein, which is highly bioavailable and in demand for eye-health supplements and functional food applications. This reliable source of the carotenoid lutein offers manufacturers stability with no less than 99% lutein content after two years of storage and enhanced consistency through a small, free-flowing beadlet that is convenient for use in two-piece capsules, tablets or premixes.

“Our Hi-Fil Lutein is made from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta) under four U.S. Patents (numbers 6,504,067, 5,523,494, 5,959,138, and 6,420,614),” said Mitchell Kleinman, President of Pharmline. “The process, which is fully cGMP-compliant, is efficient, economical and produces a highly purified concentrate of free lutein.”

Pharmline’s lutein was tested and certified by, a leading provider of consumer health information and an independent evaluator of nutritional supplements. It found that the beadlets contained at least 100% of the labeled amount of lutein and zeaxanthin.

About Pharmline
Based in Florida, New York, Pharmline is the source for high-quality nutritional ingredients, phytonutrients and custom processing of raw materials. They offer a long list of natural ingredients from all over the world in a variety of particle sizes designed to streamline customer’s manufacturing and processing systems and fit specific dosage forms. Many ingredients also have U.S. and world patent protection. As a custom processor, they take natural raw materials and use custom-engineered equipment, under full cGMP compliance, to blend, compact, custom extract, granulate, or mill inconsistent batches into dependable quality ingredients with uniform consistency. The result is a free-flowing, safe, reliable, efficacious, and contaminant-free product. To speak to your Pharmline representative, to request specification sheets, or samples or to place an order, call (845) 651-4443.

Bob Walker
Pharmline, Inc.
(845) 651-4443 phone
(845)651-6900 fax

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