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Fruitflow(TM) Set to Have Major Impact on Health Food & Drink Market

Fruitflow™, patented by Provexis PLC, is a bioactive tomato extract which can be added to food and drink to deliver a unique heart benefit through delivering a healthy blood flow. One of the major causes of Heart attack and stroke are blood clots. Blood clots are caused by blood platelets becoming spiky and sticking together which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Fruitflow has been shown to work by “smoothing” these blood platelets, so that blood can flow freely around the body .

Following the discovery by the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, Fruitflow has been tested in 4 human studies to prove its efficacy. Another key benefit demonstrated in these tests is that Fruitflow gives full protection on the very day it is consumed – unlike most other heart health drinks which take several weeks daily consumption before any benefit is shown to take place.

Fruitflow, is water soluble and easy to mask. The first product to contain Fruitflow will be Sirco - a delicious tasting juice drink due for launch early in 2006, which has been approved and endorsed by Heart UK – U.K.’s leading heart charity.

Stephen Moon, Commercial Director of Provexis plc said:

“In Europe, approximately 40% of all deaths can be attributed to circulatory diseases – the driving force behind the $3.4bn global heart health market. Beyond cholesterol management there is an increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of maintaining a healthy circulation - shown by the wide-spread self prescription of aspirin and the media coverage of issues such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

“Fruitflow has novel and supportable heart health claims that reaches an untapped consumer opportunity. We are now eager to work with partners to launch the Fruitflow technology into other markets and categories”.


Stephen Moon, Commercial Director
Tel: +44 7967 564301(Mobile) +44 20 8393 6634 (Office)

Provexis plc develops and commercialises (through own brand and out-licensing) natural products with proven efficacy in the functional food and medical food industries. Provexis plc acquired Nutrinnovator Holdings plc in May 2005.

Fruitflow is a water soluble, concentrated, extract from tomato that contains no lycopene. There are multiple active compounds within the extract, most of which have been fully characterised, which inhibit blood platelet aggregation. Platelet aggregation plays an important part in cardiovascular disease and the formation of blood clots typically associated with heart attacks and stroke.

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