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Frutarom Boosting Innovation

Frutarom presented multiple approaches and creative concepts to meet future customer demands at the first “Innovation Days Wädenswil 2007”

Wädenswil, September 2007 – A picture-book Swiss mountain panorama provided an idyllic backdrop for Frutarom’s first customer convention at Lake Zurich from 5-7 September. In the course of this symposium, speakers from science and industry highlighted key trends and future demands for the food and functional food industry. Impulses for their concrete implementation were passed on to attendees from all branches of the food industry during a guided tour through the various laboratories of the company’s brand new Innovation Center.

“Innovation” is the buzzword for the food and beverage industry. And its greatest challenge: Short product life cycles and high failure rates of product launches underscore the need for efficient innovation processes.

“Delivering a positive contribution to public health has become an everyday strategic necessity for any food or beverage company that wants to thrive in the future”. Michael Kleinert, head of the Food Technology Department of the Zürich University of Applied Sciences/Wädenswil identified health and nutrition as factors of prime concern for any company active in the food and beverage industry.

Nevertheless, a huge number of product introductions simply fails, despite claimed benefits – meaning that innovation cannot be reduced to the simple formula “Health”: Dr. Norbert Fischer, R&D Manager Flavors, Frutarom, discussed some of the challenges in product development and considered possibilities that may lead to improved efficiency of the innovation process and interaction between food companies and ingredient suppliers. This was backed up by Karin Schmid, Deputy Managing Director at Information Resources GmbH (IRI), a leading provider of consumer, shopper, and retail intelligence. In various surveys IRI has analyzed the requirements for a successful and sustainable product launch. The setting of new trends by innovative products was identified as one of the main success factors.

Practical input was given by the key note speaker Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Haschke, Head of Nestlé Nutrition Institute. Based on the fact that consumer attitudes are changing, Nestlé is on the move to become a nutrition, health and wellness company. Prof. Dr. Haschke highlighted several steps on this way and showed amongst others how branding, packaging and all other communication activities are brought in line with the new goals of the company.

Innovations on Track
Frutarom’s new Innovation Center is conceived as an open invitation to share ideas, to collaborate in developing new concepts, and to highlight and communicate their benefits. In this spirit, attendees were able to tour the different sections of the Center: In the development laboratories, customers from various sectors of the food and beverage industry were shown a broad range of innovative ideas, concepts, and products. In keeping with the company’s vision “To be the preferred partner for tasty & healthy success”, experts demonstrated creative concepts with Frutarom flavors and Food Systems, as well as natural extracts and other functional ingredients. In the “Show Kitchen”, the culinary consultant Eric Reithler demonstrated how to address health aspects of food like reduced sugar, low salt or fat and make a virtue of necessity by transforming healthy ingredients into a delightful gourmet taste experience.

From this year on, the “Wädenswil Innovation Days” will be the regular meeting place for Frutarom’s international customers to gain insights into innovations, technologies, and trends. Michel Martin from Nutrifrais announced his intention to participate in the next convention: “I have profited a lot from the presentations and the contact with the other participants as well as from the insight into the laboratories in the Innovation Center. All of this could be integrated in the future developments at Nutrifrais.”

Axel Graefe, Flavors Division Manager at Frutarom, responsible for concept and organisation of the Wädenswil Innovation Days, was also more than pleased with the event: “It was not only the inaugural event for the Center but also the first edition of the “Innovation Days Wädenswil” – we are convinced that opening minds and opening doors is the key to partnership and success, and the positive feedback we received during and after the event has confirmed this view.”

About Frutarom
Established in 1933, the Frutarom Group is a rapidly growing global flavor and fine ingredients company. Frutarom develops, manufactures and markets an extensive variety of high quality flavors and natural fine ingredients for customers in the food, beverage, flavor, fragrance, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food additive, and cosmetic industries. Frutarom's 15,000 products are sold to more than 5,000 customers in 120 countries around the world. The Frutarom Group has 1,200 employees worldwide and manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, Israel and Asia.

Frutarom operates through two divisions:
- Flavors Division, which develops, produces and markets flavor compounds and food systems.
- Fine Ingredients Division, which develops, produces and markets natural flavor extracts, functional food ingredients, natural pharmaceutical/nutraceutical extracts, specialty essential oils, citrus products and aroma chemicals.
Frutarom provides tasty and healthy solutions to its customers fulfilling our vision: To be the Preferred Partner for Tasty and Healthy Success.
Since 1993, Frutarom has successfully implemented a rapid growth strategy that combines organic growth at above-industry levels with strategic acquisitions of synergistic companies.

Frutarom Industries Ltd. is a public company whose stock is listed on the Tel Aviv and London Stock Exchanges. As of January 1, 2003 Frutarom has been included in the Tel Aviv 100 Index.
For further information, visit our website:

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