FSANZ May 26th Notifications


This Notification Circular includes notices that are required to be given to the public, submitters and appropriate government agencies, under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (FSANZ Act). All references below to sections of legislation, are to the FSANZ Act unless otherwise indicated.

FSANZ has prepared draft food regulatory measures or variations for the following Applications; will make Final Assessments in relation to each of these drafts; and invites written submissions for the purpose of making Final Assessments by 7 July 2004 for Applications A494, A501 and A508 and by 21 July for Applications A433, A434 and A518:

Application A433 – Phytosterol esters derived from Vegetable Oils in Breakfast Cereals: to permit phytosterol esters derived from vegetable oils as a novel food ingredient in breakfast cereals.

Application A434 – Phytosterol esters derived from Vegetable Oils in Low-fat Milk & Yoghurt: to permit phytosterol esters derived from vegetable oils as a novel food ingredient in low fat milk and low fat yoghurt.

Application A494 – Alpha-Cyclodextrin as a Novel Food: to approve alpha-cyclodextrin as a novel food. Alpha-cyclodextrin is a cyclic glucose polymer produced from starch by an enzymatic process and can function as a carrier, solubiliser, stabiliser or modifier in a wide variety of processed foods.

Application A501 – Phospholipase A2 as a Processing Aid (Enzyme): to allow the use of phospholipase A2 enzyme produced from a non-genetically modified strain of Streptomyces violaceoruber as an emulsifier.

Application A508 – Phytosterols derived from Tall Oils as Ingredients in Low Fat Milk: to amend the Novel Foods Standard to include tall oil phytosterols in low fat milk.


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