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Fuji expands AstaREAL production

Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has announced the decision to expand production capacity for AstaREALat its wholly owned subsidiary, BioReal (Sweden) AB in Gustavsberg, Sweden.

Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has announced the decision to expand production capacity for AstaREAL, natural astaxanthin, at its wholly owned subsidiary, BioReal (Sweden) AB in Gustavsberg, Sweden.

The decision to expand capacity is in response to the increased demand for AstaREAL worldwide.  The growing body of science supporting AstaREAL’s positive effects on health along with other factors such as the recognition of AstaREAL as GRAS in the US last year has contributed to the growth of the market.

The expansion at BioReal is in line with Fuji´s decision to focus its astaxanthin production in Sweden. The process is modular and can be expanded rapidly to accommodate the continued growth of the natural astaxanthin market. These expansions at the Swedish facility will double its current production capacity.  BioReal has been in operation since 1994 as the first global commercial producer of natural astaxanthin based on the cultivation of the alga, Haematococcus pluvialis.

Mitsunori Nishida, President and CEO of Fuji Chemical said, "This is an exciting decision for Fuji because it is yet another step forward in our quest to establish AstaREAL astaxanthin as the premier supplement of the future."

The Swedish facility is an in-door operation housing fully enclosed bioreactors operated under controlled and optimal conditions which enables high and stable output year round. The operation is ISO9001:2008 and also certified and complies with HACCP and GMP.  

Fuji is also committed to establishing the health benefits of astaxanthin and, in testament to this, has sponsored 50 published astaxanthin studies to date, demonstrating efficacy in areas such as eye fatigue, cardiovascular health, muscle endurance and skin health.

Dr. Ake Lignell, General Manager of BioReal said, “This expansion will allow us to further optimise the use of our resources and to establish Fuji as the most reliable supplier of natural astaxanthin who can quickly respond to the needs of the market."

Fuji is the leading producer of natural astaxanthin for human nutritional use. AstaREAL is approved for use in nutritional products in the US, Europe and Japan as well as other markets worldwide.  Fuji also holds patents in application areas such as muscle endurance, gastric health and the immune system.

For more information:  [email protected].

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