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Full Spectrum Echinacea Extract Stimulates the Immune System

VANCOUVER, BC – ECHINILIN®, a new phytopharmaceutical developed in Canada, is currently being hailed as an effective treatment for the common cold. The product has been developed by Calgary-based Factors R & D Technologies which spent eight years in research and development at a cost of over $5-million dollars.

ECHINILIN (pronounced ee-kin-i-lin) is a full spectrum Echinacea extract that contains standardized levels of three active compounds and meets the scientific rigor demanded of pharmaceuticals. In contrast to current over-the-counter cold and flu treatments, ECHINILIN does not mask or suppress symptoms. Rather, the clinical trials on human volunteers showed that ECHINILIN stimulates the immune system, which more quickly mounts an attack against the invading virus. Lead scientists on the project say that the new phytopharmaceutical is the only one that can provide year-round immune support for stressed or compromised immune systems.

“When clinical trial participants were given ECHINILIN, we saw an immediate and sustained increase in natural killer cells which target virus infected cells and destroys them. This indicates that their immune system had been stimulated to target and destroy the viruses. The end result was an immediate and marked reduction in both severity of symptoms and duration of the infection,” says Dr. Richard Barton, co-director of the human clinical studies.

Dr. Barton says that while many studies throughout history have sought to find a treatment for the common cold and other viruses, they have had very little success. Factors R & D Technologies of Calgary does not claim complete credit for the discovery.

“The discovery is the culmination of eight years of immunological studies undertaken by scientists at Factors R & D Technologies in collaboration with researchers at the universities of Alberta, British Columbia and Dalhousie in Nova Scotia, as well as the Heinrich-Hein University in Düsseldorf, Germany and the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria,” says Dr. Barton.

The ECHINILIN Phase II clinical trials, undertaken by Factors R & D Technologies Ltd., conformed to the high standards of clinical investigative research in human patients. To date, ECHINILIN® is the only triple-standardized Echinacea that has been evaluated for clinical efficacy in terms of its immune-active compounds and used at a defined dose, which is the basis of measuring clinical effect.

According to statistics, 72 per cent of Canadians get colds each year. Adults average 2.5 colds a year while children contract six to eight per year. It is estimated that the social costs of the common cold is $400-million per year which makes it more costly than asthma, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease combined. Canadians spend over $20-million per year on remedies for the common cold.

Dr. Tim Lee, Professor of Immunology at Dalhousie Medical School, says that he anticipates that ECHINILIN will also prove to be an effective adjunct in the fight against many other viruses since all viruses require an immune system response.

“I am excited about ECHINILIN’s potential in a world of constantly new and mutating viruses,” says Dr. Lee.

ECHINILIN is available in the health food section of all food and drug stores. It does not require a physician’s prescription. ECHINILIN is sold under a variety of brands including Webber Naturals and Holista Health Care (Canada).

Factors R & D Technologies is Canada’s leading research organization in evidence-based phytopharmaceuticals. The Company’s science team is comprised of international experts from the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Dalhousie University, University of Toronto and Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria. The Company coordinates all research and development of over 500 products for the Factors Group of Nutritional Companies. This includes its line of Med-foods™, as well as ECHINILIN®. Current research projects include the agronomy of herbal and other medicinal plants, organic farming methods, extraction processes, laboratory (in vitro) testing and studies and human clinical trials. Check out our site:


Factors R & D Technologies

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