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FulLife Natural Options Inc. Launches Charantea Ampalaya Tea and Capsules At NPEE 2005

(Boca Raton, FL.) - With already thousands of loyal customers worldwide, Charantea Ampalaya Bitter Melon Supplements will be exhibited at booth #2462 at the 20th anniversary of the Natural Products Expo East (NPEE). The NPEE will be held at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC this September 15 through 18, 2005.

Exhibited by FulLife Natural Options Inc. at booth #2462, Charantea Ampalaya Bitter Melon Supplements is widely recognized for its health benefits throughout Europe and Asia. Available in tea or capsule form, Charantea is particularly helpful for diabetics because of its proven hypoglycemic properties, including a compound called polypeptide-p, a known plant insulin. In Asia, use of the Bitter Melon (or Ampalaya) is officially endorsed by the Association of Municipal Health Officers of the Philippines (AMHOP) as an adjunct to their patient’s diabetes care.

AMHOP is a medical organization composed of over 1,500 doctors running the country’s public health centers. So convinced were the AMHOP doctors of the Bitter Melon’s benefits that in 2004 they named Charantea the official food supplement of Operation Diabetes, a national program on diabetes prevention and control. “After a few days, or within a month of drinking the tea to fortify their usual diet, regular exercise and medication, our diabetic patients’ blood sugar level has less sharp rises, and it remains more stable for long periods of time,” stated Dr. Guia Abad, president of AMHOP. This year, Dr. Abad will be available at NPEE on Saturday September 17, 2005 beginning at 11:00AM to answer questions regarding the benefits of the Bitter Melon and Charantea, and her clinical experience with her diabetic patients.

Charantea is an all-natural, caffeine-free dietary supplement made from 100% dried fruits of the Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia Linn.), which has been scientifically validated to lower blood sugar levels in animal and human subjects. A special dehydration process ‘locks in’ the Bitter Melon’s vital elements. Charantea is available in two variants: as tea or 500mg capsules. Charantea is intended to fortify a low-fat, high fiber diet to help maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Also known as Ampalaya, the Bitter Melon is well-accepted in Asia as both a nutritious vegetable and medicinal herb. Eaten as a vegetable, it is rich in iron, beta-carotene, potassium and other nutrients that boost the immune system. As a medicinal herb, it is used as a traditional home remedy for various illnesses but it is best known for its benefit to diabetics.

Since the 1940’s, over 200 pre-clinical and clinical studies around the world have been done on the plant and its nutrients. Dr. William Torres, former director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs in the Philippines states that the herb “helps increase glucose tolerance and potentiate insulin.” while Dr. A. Raman and C. Lau of the Department of Pharmacy, King’s College in London concludes that, “oral administration of fruit juice or seed powder [of Ampalaya] causes a reduction in fasting blood glucose tolerance.” These findings are supported by the consistent positive feedback from patients using the herb to supplement their daily diet. Patients report marked improvement in their general well-being, like being more alert and active in their daily lives.

People from all walks of life positively remark on Charantea’s nutritional benefits. In Europe, Charantea is endorsed by extreme sportsman and Type-1 diabetic spokesperson Geri Winkler. The 49-year-old school teacher and experienced professional outdoor sportsman makes Charantea part of his daily regimen while climbing the world’s highest mountains in -90°F temperatures and high altitudes, navigating deadly avalanches, and plummeting crevasses. Just as he never ascends a mountain without his climbing safety gear, Geri never forgets his supply of Charantea to keep his blood sugar level stable, which he says can dip to fatal levels at high altitudes.

Charantea is a product of FulLife Natural Options, Inc. Charantea can be purchased online at, or by calling (561) 998-8181. For more information on Charantea and how it can help, please contact Marjorie M. Wass at Christie Communications by phone at (805) 565-4122, or email

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Joseph Buenconsejo
(561) 998-8181

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