Functional beverage store Liquid Nutrition expands in Canada

Functional beverage store Liquid Nutrition expands in Canada

Montreal-based Liquid Nutrition stores offer more than 25 different functional beverages daily that can be prepared fresh in front of the customer.

Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. confirms that the franchise locations available in British Columbia (B.C.) have sold out! The opening of the first location in the province is slated later this year, with a roll-out of nineteen other stand-alone stores to follow in succession. Two local British Columbians, Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash and Toronto-based Bay Street trader Mark Attanasio have partnered to bring this exciting brand to the West Coast.

"As a native of B.C., I am proud to announce that we are bringing Liquid Nutrition stores to our great province," says Steve Nash, Two-time NBA MVP and partner of Liquid Nutrition. "With Liquid Nutrition, we are bringing healthy, functional drinks to B.C., and with it comes a new way of living - a genuine, gentle and convenient way to reach your goals by getting your nutritional benefits, vitamin supplements, and raw, whole foods all in one drink. I don't always have time to fix a gourmet meal at home, so with Liquid Nutrition, I can get all the nutrients my body needs in a cup. Perfect for my lifestyle...perfect for any lifestyle."

It was announced today that a minimum of 20 stores will be opening in major cities across the province - Vancouver, Kelowna, Whistler, Victoria and other areas around B.C.

The province has a vision to improve the health and wellness of British Columbians through leadership and collaborative action that incorporates physical activity and healthy eating - a perfect environment for Liquid Nutrition stores. The Company brings functional beverages, food, vitamins and supplements all under one roof to help fuel customers from all walks of life -- the busy professional or student; the parent on-the-go; the focused athlete; consumers with dietary restrictions or even the elderly who have specific nutritional requirements -- there's a Liquid Nutrition functional beverage to satisfy any need. Using only fresh, natural ingredients, Liquid Nutrition has the ability to offer bespoke solutions to meet customers' individual preferences, without the use of any fillers, sugars or additives.

A new, convenient style of execution will also launch in Vancouver, in partnership with Steve Nash Sports Clubs (SNSC). The SNSC location will be the first to launch a Liquid Nutrition Counter-Top; construction to commence early next month. Liquid Nutrition and FWG Acquisition, part of the New Evolution Fitness Company, have agreed to a trial in B.C. FWG operates 17 health clubs under the banners: Steve Nash Sports Clubs and Steve Nash Fitness World.

"I believe everyone in our province should be given the opportunity to maximize their health potential, that's why I'm delighted to be the first to introduce Liquid Nutrition to B.C.," adds Nash. "British Columbians are increasingly becoming more and more health conscious; they want a variety of good food and they want it fast. I am pleased to soon offer healthy options that are quick, easy, affordable and delicious. All of our functional beverages are made daily using only fresh, natural ingredients, perfect for after your workout or to simply fuel your body for the day. One Liquid Nutrition drink and you're good to go!"

B.C. families want to be healthy, but need help; to make sound snack and meal choices, healthy foods need to be available and reasonably priced, and information needs to be accessible. Integrating activity every day is also very important - the more you move, the better you feel; that's why physical activity is another key to a healthy, happy life. Access and education are two major components that support a shift to healthier living - as a result, Liquid Nutrition's presence in the B.C. market couldn't come at a better time. The Company, committed to offering convenient, delicious meal and snack solutions, is also committed to the edification of others about healthy, active, living and how easy change can be.

"Tapping into the B.C. market and partnering with Steve Nash and Mark Attanasio is of great significance for Liquid Nutrition," explains Glenn Young, President, Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. "The marketplace has spoken, and we are quickly responding - in particular with cities like Vancouver, B.C. A budding metropolis and lifestyle city, Vancouver is a fast-growing, increasingly important gateway between North America and the booming economies of the Asia Pacific. Consider Starbuck's foray into the Canadian marketplace; it began in Vancouver, and then quickly became one of the fastest-growing North American businesses that dominated several international markets. Our venture into B.C. will be strategic and aggressive; we will open our stores in key locations and want to be up and running this fall starting with the first-of-its-kind counter top version of Liquid Nutrition at the Steve Nash Sports Clubs."

Liquid Nutrition offers more than 25 different functional beverages daily that can be prepared fresh in front of the customer within two to three minutes. From protein drinks to meal replacements, there's a Liquid Nutrition for everyone. There are beverages to meet the needs of the athlete who is focused on muscle recovery or even simple rehydration. There is the 'Early Bird', a meal replacement (breakfast-in-a-cup) consisting of fruits, vitamin supplements and oatmeal, that allows the consumer to maintain a high-level of performance throughout the day. Additionally, Liquid Nutrition considers the needs of consumers with dietary restrictions by offering functional beverages for those who are diabetic, require dairy-free, those on a weight-loss program or anyone with specific nutritional needs.

About Liquid Nutrition Group Inc.

Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. ("LNGI") is a functional beverage, food, vitamin and supplement store franchisor, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. LNGI is committed to bringing healthy and delicious eating to communities around the world. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Liquid Nutrition Franchising Corporation, LNGI is currently the franchisor of six stores located in Montreal, with franchise commitments and expansion opportunities throughout Canada and the United States, as well as license opportunities internationally.

For store locations, business opportunities or more information visit .

About Team Liquid

Comprised of pro-athletes and experts in the world of fitness and nutrition, members of Team Liquid were selected based on their personal and professional beliefs in healthy, active living. To learn more about Team Liquid and view the full roster, visit .

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