Functional ingredients industry chatter

Not without a fight
" … the FTC is attempting to deprive American businesses of the fundamental principles of due process, the very businesses that believed that mergers should actually benefit the consumer."

— Lanny J Davis, outside counsel to Whole Foods Market, about new and amended regulations proposed by the Federal Trade Commission on its Rules of Practice that shorten its time period to make decisions on mergers

Endorsement gold
"His insights aren't exactly ... insightful. But then, if you're PureSport, who cares?! The dude can swim ... fast. And he loves PureSport. Banana and grape flavours, specifically."

— Danielle Sack, from a Fast Company magazine interview about Human Performance Nutrition scoring a Michael Phelps endorsement for Pure Sport Nutritional Performance Sports Drinks

Clarity in labelling
"Choosing the healthiest ingredients and formulating for taste is the first step in resolving the labelling conundrum. Avoiding confusion is the second step. While informed consumers do not wish to be patronised with watered-down claims, they also want assurance that claims are based in sound science."

— Shirley Horn, senior director of global marketing and communications at the Almond Board, California, HIE Daily News, Paris

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