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Combining statins and co-Q10
"The pharmaceutical industry is not going to make a combination product because then they would be admitting there was something wrong with their product. We are too far down the path for that to ever occur ? If you can't synthesise it they don't want to hear about it."

— Tom Schrier, US national sales manager at leading co-Q10 supplier, Kaneka

Anthony AlmadaGI proof, please
"The widely believed, primary mechanism behind 'low glycaemic' foods or beverages — a slower rate of digestion and/or absorption and thus slower entry of glucose into the blood — lacks proof. Indeed, the only study to date that directly measured glucose entry into the blood showed identical rates of entry but faster exit of glucose out of the blood and into tissues, despite the low glycaemic food having half of the GI score. Exploiting this offers up novel formulation strategies."

— Anthony Almada, founder of IMAGINutrition

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