Functional ingredients industry chatter - February 2010

An unhealthy situation
"Today the market for dietary supplements and natural health products is over $100 billion. Yet the irony is that many of the consumers of these products are the ones who need them the least."

—Peter Leighton, The Leighton Post

Tangled web weavers
"(Consumers) expect drug companies to lie to them. They don't expect us to do that."

—Loren Israelson, United Natural Products Alliance

Keeping the cupboard full
"Food security is as important to this country's future well being — and the world's — as energy security. We need to produce more food. We need to do it sustainably. And we need to make sure that what we eat safeguards our health."

—Hilary Benn, UK secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs

Carbon label questions
"Without any kind of international methodology for measuring a carbon footprint, such labeling would involve a huge undertaking, and it also raises the question of whether (a carbon footprint) is even a good proxy for energy sustainability."

—Jan Kees Vis, director of sustainable agriculture at Unilever

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