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Functional ingredients industry company news

Q-NaturaleLiterature explains natural emulsifier
National Starch Food Innovation has published a new literature pack on Q-Naturale, a natural emulsifier for beverage applications that offers manufacturers and flavour houses a high-performance, cost-effective, sustainable and strategic alternative to gum arabic. The literature pack includes charts that compare the differential volume and particle diameter of Q-Naturale and gum arabic, usage levels, oil levels, dissolution/hydration time, beverage and emulsion stability, turbidity in beverages, and

UK company opens NY office
Cactus Botanics has opened a US branch in New York City that will be helmed by Tiffany Wang. Based in the UK, the company co-operates with manufacturers around the world, offering a raw-materials range that includes botanicals, amino acids and minerals. The New York office is located at Cactus Botanics/3Q World, 64-04 Wethreole St?2F, Rego Park, NY 11374.

Alliance aims to develop powders
Nutri Pharmaceuticals Research has formed a strategic alliance with Source-One Global Partners of Chicago to develop proprietary powder forms of SourceOne's ingredients and formulas. NPRI's O2P technology will allow SourceOne to offer ingredients such as CoQsource Coenzyme-Q10 and OmegaChoice Concentrated Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids in free-flowing powders. O2P also allows SourceOne to offer these ingredients in the VESIsorb naturally self-assembling association colloidal delivery system that transforms them to become water soluble with dramatically improved absorption.

Co-operation pact for Evesse
Danisco signed a long-term co-operation agreement with UK-based company Coressence to gain exclusive rights for certain apple-based ingredients, to be marketed under the brand name Evesse, that contain polyphenols. In addition to antioxidant activity, this fruit extract promotes benefits relating particularly to cardiovascular health, but potentially also to other health areas. The first sales are expected to occur in 2011, initially targeting the dietary-supplements market but developing into food and beverages.

Company adopts stricter Ginkgo biloba standards
The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), an independent public-health organization that sets quality standards recognized in more than 130 countries, took steps some time ago to eliminate the discrepancy between European and US Ginkgo biloba standards. Ethical Naturals, based in northern California, has chosen to implement the more rigid standards. The latest edition of USP (#31) specifies the testing of additional compounds not generally considered in US-manufactured products. These include the bilobalides, and more closely sets the ratio of other constituents according to the natural ratio of the ginkgo leaf.

The Red BodyguardBook highlights power of tomatoes
A new book titled The Red Bodyguard, published by Icon Books, explores the importance of tomatoes in disease prevention, and credits the contributions of LycoRed, developer of Lyc-O-Mato tomato ingredient, for its years of scientific research. The author, Ron Levin, is a former research pharmacist, and his co-author is the prolific science writer Gerald Cheshire.

New steam sterilisation unit
BI Nutraceuticals has installed a third steam sterilisation unit at its headquarters in Long Beach, California, to meet growing demand from its customers for species-specific, organic steam sterilisation of raw materials. This third unit will allow BI to steam sterilise more than 15,000 metric tonnes of herbal botanical, spice and food ingredients annually.

Readers select vitamin line faves
Readers of Better Nutrition magazine voted Natrol My Favorite Multiple as one of their favourite supplements in the magazine's December issue. Natrol My Favorite Multiple is a multivitamin that comes in a wide range of formulations including multivitamin capsules, tablets and liquids; iron free; and a women's formula.

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