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Functional Ingredients Value Statement

Functional Ingredients delivers strategic, scientific and innovative editorial content to our global audience of CEO’s, product developers, ingredient buyers, R&D scientists, formulators and brand managers from around the world.

Functional Ingredients is your print media partner for creating brand awareness and sell-though, for education and influencing categories, and more. With resource-rich data for manufacturers combined with editorial synergies for suppliers, we create a vital community that you need to reach.

Functional Ingredients covers ingredients, their applications, marketing and sales potential thoughout the supply chain. Four major features in
every issue link together to offer a comprehensive and in-depth ingredients resource guide.

Main Editorial Features :
Science Now offers the latest scientific research from around the world on ingredient categories, disease conditions and emerging nutrients. Also included are intellectual-property filings, new-product developments, marketing applications and more.

Formulations is written by experts at the bench and gives hands-on tips, trends and ideas for high-tech product development.

Business Strategies explores successful product-launch strategies, business tactics and lessons learned from companies marketing their products globally. It looks at the supply, pricing and quality issues behind the ingredients that product manufacturers are looking for.

Ingredient Focus investigates the science and current research behind a specific ingredient.

News Analysis and Perspective covers the world with fresh developments and original insights into regulatory and trade issues, market trends, current research developments, financial markets and new industry data.

Plus these special editorial departments :
OPINION - Industry leaders, marketers, brand managers and formulators offer their views on current and controversial industry issues.

Expanded international coverage Product development news from New Zealand, China and Japan, with the latest ingredients trends in these innovative markets.

Previews of worldwide industry FI is distributed at all the major global events and conferences in the sector.

Resource Centre:
• Supply Spotlight profiles what companies are doing that is new and different, be it in research, product development, marketing or other business strategies.
• Company News a selection of important business developments and people in our industry.
• Research Capsule provides summaries of research on nutraceutical ingredients recently published in respected, peer-reviewed journals.
• New Ing red ien ts, Products and Tec hnologies showcases innovations in ingredients, finished goods and technologies recently introduced to the marketplace.

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